DKC – Chapter 757

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Chapter 757 – News of Su Luo’s death (5)

Since the beginning, he knew Su Luo was from unknown origin, and he still continue to have a close relationship with Su Luo that nothing could come in-between…

It clearly can be seen that whether Su Luo was the daughter of the great general that protected the nation or not, with regards to him, he totally did not care.

An uneasiness appeared in Emperor Jing’s heart.

If Liuyun really cared so much about Su Luo, then if he knew about the news of Su Luo’s death….at that time….

The unrest in Emperor Jing’s heart became a more intense feeling.

But, a dead person could not come back to life. Then, what could he do?

To say nothing of the fact that it was best that Su Luo, that girl, had died. Only with her death would Liuyun form a union with the Jade Lake’s fairy.

Thinking this way, the tangle in Emperor Jing’s heart gradually released.

After Su Zian returned to the manor, the first matter was to invite many people to bear witness.

He took out the family’s genealogy record and he crossed out Su Luo’s name from the record on the spot.

That one brush, with a thick black ink, thoroughly erased the relationship between Su Luo and Su Manor.

Su Zian loudly announced to the crowd of people watching: “From today onwards, Su Luo, this name, has no relation to Su Manor! The things she did before also has nothing to do with Su Manor! I ask everyone here to spread it widely!”

From Su Zian’s point of view, doing this was very wise.

After all, before, Su Luo had offended many. Just the Jade Lake’s Li family alone was like a huge mountain pressing down on top of his head, simply not allowing him to breathe.

Once the news of Su Luo’s death spread out, these few days, the situation was full of the fiercest winds and waves. Therefore, once Su Zian said these words, it immediately was spread throughout the entire capital, even in the great streets and small alleys.

However, what was outside of Su Zian and Li Yaoyao’s expectations, was that this time’s matter, unexpectedly gave rise to the populace’s sympathy towards Su Luo.

The people always sympathize with the weak.

Before, Su Luo’s rise was too fast, and was then chosen by His Highness Prince Jin. Therefore, many people had a jealous heart and would say some slanted words.

But now, since the person was already dead, and Su Zian would make such a move after the fact, immediately, many people looked down upon him.

Even more, didn’t know where this rumor was spread from.

It said that Su Zian had already known earlier that Su Luo was not his biological daughter. But, seeing Su Luo’s bright prospects, so he had continuously concealed it.

But, Su Luo had died, so there was no longer any worth for him to exploit, consequently, he had revealed this inside story to the public.

Once these words were out, it immediately pushed Su Luo up to the peak of the fiercest winds and waves of rumors in the capital. It made him shoulder much of the infamy.

Su Manor, Su Zian was so furious that with one slap of the table, all the stuff on it fell.

He still did not understand the hate, his palm slapped down and that long strip of table answered with a breaking sound.

Originally, he wanted everyone to criticize Su Luo, that loathsome girl, but he never expected that the one being denounced was replaced with he, himself!

The Li family in the imperial capital.

Li Yaoyao heard the wave after wave of rumors from outside, and her brows started to knot tightly.

Besides the matter of Su Zian, there were other rumors that were circulating. It was that Li Yaoyao killed Su Luo.

It was the same as Su Zian, she also never expected that it would produce such a huge deviation from what she expected.

Anye Ming….It must be him!

Recalling that lukewarm and wise eyes, the fists at Li Yaoyao’s side clenched tightly.

That day, he had forced her to make that poisonous oath, and now, he was secretly turning the tide of people’s feelings. Anye Ming, what’s so great about Su Luo, that deserve you guys going this far for her?

Li Yaoyao, originally, thought to strike back, but the agreed upon time had already arrived.

This day was the day that Grandmaster will announce the disciple he would accept.

In the throne room, no one was absent.

The past several days, Su Luo still had not come out. So. everyone believed the words of the Jade Lake’s fairy. They all thought that Su Luo had really died.

Originally, there were only two people vying for this, now, since Su Luo was already dead, then the only remaining candidate was the Jade Lake’s fairy.

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      3. Spirit beast that have cultivated so high it can obtain human form.

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