DKC – Chapter 754

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Chapter 754 – News of Su Luo’s death (2)

What did this prove?

This proved that Su Luo had really met with a mishap inside! Otherwise, with Li Yaoyao’s cautious personality, how could she make such a poisonous vow in front of everybody?

Anye Ming and Lan Xuan exchanged a look. Both of them saw an alarmed expression in each other’s eyes.

Something bad had happened to Su Luo.

If Nangong came back and found out about this matter…

Both of their eyes dimmed and were filled with despair.


Nangong was finished, the Li Family was finished. Also didn’t know how many people present could escape from this.

No one noticed that a hidden severely cold expression flashed through the eyes that Grandmaster Rong Yun used to watch Li Yaoyao.

Now, everyone was stunned by the news of Su Luo’s death.

Su Luo was originally Su Manor’s most unremarkable daughter of a concubine. Rumored that she was born as a good-for-nothing with no ability to cultivate, she was a love-struck idiot, always the laughingstock of the entire capital.

But in a short amount of time, she suddenly sprang up.

She won the fight against the little genius, Su Qing. Became intimate close with His Highness Prince Jin. Almost succeeded in fighting to a tie with the Jade Lake’s fairy.

How dazzling was this light?

Only a bit more, just short by a little bit, and she would grow to become a dazzling star among geniuses, with all attention focused on her. But in the end, just when she touched the periphery, wordlessly and without any news, she fell from the sky.

Some people let out a breath of relief and rejoiced endlessly.

Some people’s brows were tightly knotted and felt it was regretful.

Li Yaoyao eyes swept by. Seeing that most people present after hearing the news of Su Luo’s death were rejoicing at her misfortune, a cold sneer streaked across her eyes.

“Great Master, these are the Fire Source Stones that I brought out.” Li Yaoyao cleverly stepped forth, offering her spoils of war.

“Wait until the time is up before discussing it.” Grandmaster Rong Yun indifferently stood up and departed in an icily arrogant manner.

Li Yaoyao clasped the three Fire Source Stones in her hands and couldn’t help but to stare blankly.

Why did she faintly feel that Grandmaster Rong Yun seemed to have an objection to her?

Could it be that inside Grandmaster’s heart, he actually cared about Su Luo, that loathsome girl?

Li Yaoyao’s eyes narrowed slightly and bit her lower lip. She secretly snorted coldly in her heart. Fortunately, fortunately, she had already killed Su Luo in the beginning, otherwise, she really would disturb her formal apprenticeship to Grandmaster Rong Yun!

It doesn’t matter, wait until she formally becomes his disciple, Grandmaster Rong Yun would discover that she, Li Yaoyao’s, potential was much more than Su Luo’s. There was no problem with his vision.

Returned to the Li Manor’s courtyard.

Li Yaoxiang saw Li Yaoyao daydreaming. He frowned and asked her a sentence: “Yaoyao, you are certain that loathsome girl is already dead?”

“Absolutely sure!” Li Yaoyao unswervingly said, “I personally saw her die in front of me, how could it be fake? Could it be that Second Uncle does not believe my eyes?”

Li Yaoxiang’s heart still felt uneasy. He frowned and asked: “Could something unexpected happen? For example, you smashed her until she was directly promoted? This kind of thing is possible, at that time, your brother was also…”

That was why the more Li Yaoxiang thought, the more uneasy he became.

To say nothing of Su Luo, that loathsome girl whose luck defied the natural order of things.

“Second Uncle, are you joking?” Li Yaoyao stared at Li Yaoxiang outrageously, “Do you feel that that one in ten thousand chance would happen on that loathsome girl’s body? Besides, I personally saw the flames engulfing her! Even if it was a tenth-ranked expert, there would also be no possibility of survival. To say nothing of her, with such a weak ability.”

“Then, since this is the case, why are your brows wrinkled?” Li Yaoxiang looked at Li Yaoyao and asked.

“Second Uncle, do you feel that Grandmaster Rong Yun… had already guessed our actions?” Li Yaoyao’s heart was slightly anxious. Her gaze had a trace of fear in them.

“So what if he guessed it? Grandmaster Rong Yun originally did not like her. To eliminate her from his point of view and yours is a good thing.”

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