DKC – Chapter 743

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Chapter 743 – Su Luo’s Death (13)

A countless number of demon soldiers appeared from every corner, pursuing in the direction that the Jade Lake’s fairy had left in.

Su Luo, who was stealing glances from a corner, saw the Jade Lake’s fairy who was now barely-dressed, wearing an undergarment that covered her chest, leaving everything else bare, and being chased until she repeatedly screeched. The corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked into a wicked smile.

Giving you a taste of your own medicine, Li Yaoyao, you should enjoy it well.

Su Luo also had not walk far, merely a distance of being behind the five large group of demon soldiers.

There was a never-ending amount of demon soldiers that were slapped dead by the Jade Lake’s fairy, while the surviving demon soldiers chased after the Jade Lake’s fairy. There was basically no one to take care of the corpses on the ground.

Based on the principle of not wasting things, Su Luo’s movement was nimble as she gathered these ‘corpses’ and placed them in her space for the little divine dragon to absorb.

Su Luo unhurriedly wandered about.

Not long after, the sleeping little divine dragon who had eaten until he was full, came out.

Su Luo saw his radiating-with-health-and-vigor appearance, and couldn’t help but ask: “Promoted again?”

“No.” The little divine dragon pursed his little lips and shook his head. He extended his little paw and gestured for Su Luo to see ‘only got a little more.’

“Able to get a little more is pretty good, you should be content.” Su Luo rubbed his little head, then pointed to those ‘corpses’, and smilingly said to the little divine dragon, “These are all food for you!”

Anything that had spirit force, the little divine dragon could absorb it.

“Oh——” Suddenly, Su Luo’s eyes lit up.

Because, she saw at the place that the Jade Lake’s fairy was digging before, expose a very small stone that was emitting a blazing color of light.

As expected!

She remembered that the Jade Lake’s fairy hadn’t finished digging it out when she was splashed in the face with a full washbasin of cold water.

Afterwards, it was all kinds of escaping and being chased, being extremely rushed.

So that Fire Source Stone from before was still at the original spot, with no one moving it.

The little divine dragon’s speed was faster than Su Luo’s. Like lightning, he dashed towards it. His two little paws were sharper than any weapon.

With a casual grab, he was able to dig out the Fire Source Stone that was buried at least a meter deep in the ground.

Afterwards, he clasped the Fire Source Stone, and in a manner of taking credit for an achievement, he jumped into Su Luo’s arms.

This piece of Fire Source Stone was the size of a hen’s egg. It was a very small piece that was emitting a burning red light, so dazzling as to blind a person’s eyes.

Su Luo handed the Fire Source Stone back to the little divine dragon, letting him sniff it: “Sniff it carefully, next, we will be looking for this kind of stone.”

The little divine dragon used strength to inhale a breath of air, clearly nodding his head to express that he remembered this smell.

Su Luo stuffed the Fire Source Stone into her space, afterwards, she picked up the little divine dragon and placed him in her arms. Now, she started the real reason of why she entered the Demon Cave.

With the little divine dragon’s help, on top of all the demon soldiers that were originally everywhere guarding this place being drawn away by the Jade Lake’s fairy, Su Luo’s speed at finding them, therefore, could be said to be very fast.

“One piece, two pieces….” A satisfied smile appeared on Su Luo’s face, “Now, we already have two pieces of Fire Source Stones.”

Don’t know how many pieces Grandmaster Rong Yun ended up placing in this cave.

She had walked around the entire main hall up ahead. Still, Su Luo only had two pieces in her hand.

Before, the Jade Lake’s fairy already had two pieces in her hand, if this amount was used, then she would win.

However, within ten days, she didn’t believe that the Jade Lake’s fairy would not be able to dig out more.

Behind the main hall was a dark and deep maze, so deep as to be frightening. At one glance, you could not see the end. Su Luo hesitantly stood there, unsure if she should go in or not.

Beichen Ying had already warned her, she had best not step foot into the maze, otherwise, she who did not have a map, would absolutely not be able to walk out.

But Su Luo clearly saw, in order to escape the dressed-in-black demon boss’s pursuit, Li Yaoyao had flown into the maze.

The little divine dragon had already searched, there was not a single Fire Source Stone remaining within the great hall.

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