DKC – Chapter 744

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Chapter 744 – Su Luo’s Death (14)

If she wanted to find more, than she could only enter that pitch-black labyrinth to look for them.

Riches and honor could only be sought among danger.

Without risk, how could one acquire gains?

Standing before the pitch-black labyrinth, the corner of Su Luo’s mouth formed a slight smile. Then, she moved forward, stepping inside the labyrinth.

Inside the black-colored passageway, Su Luo flew by.

After flying a distance of approximately several thousand metres, Su Luo finally came to a stop.

Because, a few faint rays of light had appeared up ahead.

Furthermore, by following these bits of light, Su Luo could see the scene before her very clearly.

This was a place where the labyrinth’s route split into different paths.

Up ahead, there were a total of six roads.

Su Luo nudged the little divine dragon: “Which road to take?”

The little divine dragon rubbed his sleepy eyes awake and seriously examined the roads for a moment, then, at a loss, shook his head.

It seemed like every one of them was the same. He could not sense any path that was special…. The little divine dragon blinked his eyes, then, in the end, still shook his head again.

Since even the little divine dragon did not know, then she could only depend on her own luck.

Su Luo thought for a moment. In the end, she still chose the middle route to fly into.

After she had flown in, before long, she became stupefied.

Because, what had appeared before her was, once again, the same six roads.

Since, she had already chosen the middle route earlier, then she should just continue with it.

Thinking this way, Su Luo also followed through with this action.

On this route, the little divine dragon did not make a sound. It could only indicate that the surroundings didn’t have Fire Source Stones that Grandmaster Rong Yun had buried.

Didn’t know how long she had flown for, when gradually, a trace of light appeared in front.

Having stayed in the dark for too long, then suddenly seeing a trace of light, Su Luo was clearly not used to it.

By means of the rays of light, Su Luo could see the scene in front of her very clearly.

“Li Yaoyao?” She was actually here?

At this time, Li Yaoyao was not in the difficult situation that Su Luo had imagined.

Her clothing was intact and her hair was worn in a refined coil. It was as if the incident of her being violated by the black-robed person from before had never happened.

Li Yaoyao was currently crouching down, digging. At this time, in front of her, on the ground, was a pile of Fire Source Stones.

Gauging by sight, there were more than ten pieces.

Su Luo’s eyes narrowed slightly.

She really was suspicious about where these Fire Source Stones of Li Yaoyao’s had came from.

At this time, Li Yaoyao calmly turned her body around. After catching sight of Su Luo, a cold light quickly flashed through her eyes.

“Didn’t expect you’d still be alive.” Li Yaoyao looked at Su Luo coldly, her gaze was sinister and ferocious.

“This line should originally be said by me to you.” Su Luo had her arms crossed as she leaned with a content posture against a column. She was all smiles as she looked at the Jade Lake’s fairy, “Weren’t you stripped naked by someone? Where did you get these clothes?”

Hearing this, the Jade Lake’s fairy’s complexion flushed red!

No matter what, her views would not be as open-minded when compared to Su Luo’s, who had crossed over over from the twenty-first century. Regarding the incident before, she was extremely concerned about it.

“Su Luo, shut your mouth!” Li Yaoyao, spitting with anger, glared at Su Luo!

“What? Since you are able to do it, why are you still afraid of people talking about it?” Su Luo was touching her smooth chin, sizing her up from top to bottom.

While sizing her up, Su Luo clicked her tongue several times, looking down on her: “Still saying about how much you like Nangong Liuyun, now, aren’t you just throwing yourself on every man you see?”

Su Luo deliberately distorted the facts from earlier.

Li Yaoyao’s complexion suddenly flushed red. A shady and fierce intent to kill burst out of her eyes: “Dare you to say that again!”

“Want me to say it again, then I’ll just say it again. What’s so hard about it?” Su Luo leisurely unfolded her arms, found a stone table and jumped onto it. Leaning comfortably against the wall, she then sneered and said: “What? Forgotten the thing that you’ve done? At that time, in the Amethyst Fish Palace, wasn’t it you that planned for Nangong Liuyun to co-habituate with you in the same room? Wasn’t it so that you could seduce him into having sex with you? And the result? He simply didn’t want you.”

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