DKC – Chapter 742

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Chapter 742 – Su Luo’s Death (12)

Li Yaoyao: “…..”

The demon boss of the Demon Cave was higher than a seventh rank.

In addition, there were the five demon soldier kings in front of her, no matter what, she could not escape!

What to do? What to do?

The Jade Lake’s fairy bit her lower lip, constantly thinking of a scheme to escape.

However, this demon boss who was equipped with somewhat more intelligence cast a disgusted look at her. Not waiting for her to respond, he took unfair advantage and directly hugged the Jade Lake’s fairy by her slender waist.

Following this movement, the Jade Lake’s fairy’s entire person became almost completely stiff.

She was called a fairy, her entire body was cold flesh with lofty proud and unyielding character. She avoided immorality and had never been so violated by a male before!

But now, she was together with this person, very close.

In addition, his face was like that of a toad’s, with the sores and warts sticking to her skin, immediately making her hair stick up from a chill.

“Let me go!” The Jade Lake’s fairy smashed her fist towards his head in fury.

But this seventh-ranked demon boss’s strength was seriously strong. He merely raised one hand and jerked both of the Jade Lake’s fairy’s hands behind her back.

Such an action caused the Jade Lake’s fairy’s soft chest to stand proudly erect.

However this, with regards to the dressed-all-in-black demon boss, didn’t have any attractiveness whatsoever.

One could only see his hand that was crawling with countless maggots firmly grasp the Jade Lake’s fairy’s final piece of clothing——

“Don’t—— Don’t——I beg you, let me go! I know who has this kind of Celestial Spirit Water on their body, I’ll take you there! I beg you to let me go!”

However, this demon boss only had some intelligence, with regards to things, he always followed his own judgement.

No matter how much the Jade Lake’s fairy wept and pleaded, his hand that gave people goosebumps used force to fiercely tear.

One could only hear the sound of ripping——

The white slip the Jade Lake’s fairy had on was immediately ripped apart!

The black-dressed demon boss conveniently gave a toss!

The five demon kings around were already salivating from waiting, now, all of them frantically rushed towards that slip.

That light-colored slip was frantically being contested.

Once again, he looked at the Jade Lake’s fairy.

Now that her slip had been torn off, the only thing remaining was a pink undergarment (1) wrapped around her proud chest.

“Don’t…” The Jade Lake’s fairy was frightened until she cried, the tears tumbling down from her face.

From childhood to now, having always been treated as a princess, carefully clasped in the center of people’s palm, no one had ever treated her like this.

The black-dressed demon boss’s eyes were as cold and gloomy as before, even if the Jade Lake’s fairy was even more pitiful and lovely, he still remained unmoved.

One could only see him lean over, and from top to bottom, he started ****.

Inch by inch, the places that were soaked by Celestial Spirit Water, were absolutely unable to escape his tongue.

Looking at that extremely ugly appearance, the skin that would make a person feel sick…. Goosebumps started to rise on the Jade Lake’s fairy’s entire body.

Just when the dressed-in-black demon boss’s head lowered towards her lower body, a fiercely strict expression flashed through Li Yaoyao’s eyes!

She concentrated all of her spirit strength into her right palm, and smashed her fist fiercely towards the dressed-in-black demon boss whose body was bent down!


A heavy sound resounded!

The black-dressed demon boss’s head was smashed directly, immediately, his body swayed and his foot staggered.

No sooner said than done!

Dressed in the undergarment that only covered her chest and abdomen, the Jade Lake’s fairy escaped at lightning fast speed!

Her body was like lightning as she rushed out of the room, sweeping towards a distant place.

Daring to attack the demon boss?

The corner of the black-dressed demon boss’s mouth curved into a cold and dark smirk.

He stood up as if nothing had happened, and with a wave of his hand, he gave a command in a coarse voice: “Begin the chase!”


One could only hear ‘woo woo——’ sounds. One burst after another resounded in succession, continuously with no end.

Afterwards, the entire Demon Cave sunk into a never-before-seen franticness.


1) See chapter 717 for the detailed explanations and picture. Basically, it is an undergarment made of a square with strings tying it around a person’s neck and behind a person’s chest area.

Author note:

Yesterday’s message was a joke, it was written for the readers who urged me to finish everyday~~humph, humph. Now see if you dare to urge me to finish again?


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