DKC – Chapter 696

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Chapter 696 – The grieving Li family (3)

“Sss——” Everyone present at the scene all inhaled a deep breath of cold air.

Beichen Ying showed his approval even more by giving the little divine dragon a thumbs up!

Never thought that this little thing was this capable, to actually directly rip apart the pants of the Second Master of the Jade Lake’s Palace!

In such a public place with numerous people, Li Yaoxiang’s pants were fine everywhere else, only that place was missing a small piece of cloth.

Li Yaoxiang subconsciously had both hands covering that place, his expression had a touch of panic and embarrassment.

In this way, his action was even more conspicuous and comically funny.

When everyone saw this, without exception, all of them started to laugh uproariously.

Li Yaoxiang originally wanted to angrily rebuke them, but the heavens did not want to help him. Because the little divine dragon’s playful nature appeared again, and actually stepped on his head again and again.

In the beginning, he was still taking strides to walk, but afterwards, he felt the difficulty was too low. So, he went as far as to play a game by himself of jumping really high and again dropping down from very high.

Every time he smashed down, Li Yaoxiang felt a violent jolt on his forehead.

Li Yaoxiang, in a stern voice, cursed at Su Luo: “Loathsome girl! Quickly grab this little dragon away! Otherwise, this elder will be impolite to it!”

Li Yaoxiang’s hateful words were said with a severe tone, but lacked sufficient confidence. Because he could not do anything about the little divine dragon, then, how could he even threaten Su Luo?

He just hoped that Su Luo would not be that smart, but his hope was doomed to come to nothing.

Su Luo was smiling happily as she looked at him: “Not treating him politely? Then, you should by all means not be polite.”

The little divine dragon’s strength was already very different now. With regards to a real fight, he would not win against Li Yaoxiang. But, when comparing speed and quickness, then, Li Yaoxiang would be defeated.

Therefore, Su Luo was extremely certain, Li Yaoxiang basically could not deal with the little divine dragon. If he was able to deal with the little divine dragon, then, he wouldn’t shout at Su Luo. Rather, he would directly make his move.

Li Yaoxiang’s face was patches of red, so furious that he nearly passed out.

This hateful thing, he will kill it if it’s the last thing he does!

Just when the little divine dragon was about to drop down from up high onto his forehead, he started to condense his spirit energy and grabbed towards the little divine dragon’s position. He believed with his entire heart that this time, even if he didn’t capture the little divine dragon, he would at least pull off some of his scales!

However, his luck was just not that good.

He could have grabbed for wherever, but he actually stuck his hand towards the little divine dragon’s mouth.

It must be said that the little divine dragon’s claws and teeth, were sharper than any weapons made of mysterious iron!

“Ahhh!!!” Li Yaoxiang, with bad luck, that finger was directly bitten off by the little divine dragon.

The little divine dragon was disdainful that it didn’t smell good.

“Pooh——” sound, that finger was spit onto his body.

Li Yaoxiang was simply about to go mad!

He unconsciously reached out with his other hand to grab at the little divine dragon. Now, his reasoning was already covered over by rage.

Consequently, when his hand released where it was covering his crotch——

Many people at the scene all gave a shriek.

Among them, Beichen Ying’s reaction was the most adorable.

In the split second, when he saw the truth, both of his hands covered his mouth. He raised his voice, loud and clear. Using a shouting tone, he madly yelled: “Ah! Eunuch! The Second Master of the Jade Lake’s Palace is actually an eunuch!!!”

“Pfft——” Lan Xuan could not stand it any longer, he started to laugh with ‘pfft’ sounds. He pulled at Beichen Ying’s sleeves, “Lighten it a bit, you overreacted.”

“Then you do it.” Beichen Ying disdainfully handed over this heavy responsibility to Lan Xuan.

Lan Xuan raised his chin, having an expression that said ‘you watch this’.

One could only see Lan Xuan’s hand forming a horn shape around his mouth. He shouted towards Li Yaoxiang, full of concern: “Uncle Li, your family’s little man was bitten off by a puppy and fell to the ground!”

As a result, everyone’s gaze, with a swishing sound, simultaneously looked towards that bloody and badly mangled finger that the little divine dragon had bitten off.

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