DKC – Chapter 695

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Chapter 695 – The grieving Li family (2)

Su Luo, without showing any weakness, welcomed his gaze, the corner of her mouth hooking into a cynical and mocking smile.

Blaming her? This they cannot blame her for.

Li Yaoxiang’s hands were clenched into fists at his side, making cracking sounds.

“Grandmaster Rong Yun is only protecting that little divine dragon, right?” Li Yaoxiang bit down on his back teeth, asking while stressing each syllable.

He could not do anything to Grandmaster Rong Yun, but don’t tell him that he couldn’t do anything to a lowly little loathsome girl?

Unexpectedly, before Grandmaster Rong Yun could open his mouth, the little divine dragon had already flown out of Su Luo’s embrace. Like a launched rocket, he rushed towards Li Yaoxiang.

Frankly speaking, the little divine dragon right now was like the great general Lu Meng, a model of self-improvement.

Before, the little divine dragon was already promoted one level, in addition, he had absorbed Li Aoqiong’s spirit energy and was again promoted a level. Now, he was already at the seventh rank!

Again, on top of the fact that magical beasts were generally somewhat stronger than humans, therefore, even faced with the eighth ranked Li Yaoxiang, he also wouldn’t be standing downwind!

The little divine dragon’s speed was extremely fast, like lightning, he leaped out. All of a sudden, he had bitten Li Yaoxiang’s trouser leg, with a ‘whoosh’ sound, he directly bore into his pants!

“Pfft——” Seeing this comical scene, Beichen Ying couldn’t help but utter a sound of laughter.

Lan Xuan and other people of the group, with arms around each other’s’ shoulders stood in a circle. Every one of them started to laugh heartily.

Su Luo also watched the spectacle in front of her eyes with a face full of interest.

She believed that having been promoted two levels in a row, now, with the little divine dragon already restored to his original form, was absolutely not something Li Yaoxiang could grab.

As Su Luo expected, the little divine dragon was extremely nimble.

The little divine dragon was originally a small round ball, his speed after running into Li Yaoxiang’s trouser leg still did not slow down. He followed along the gaps and got into everywhere.

How could Li Yaoxiang have anticipated that the little divine dragon who originally would have collapsed at the first blow in front of him, would become this strong in the blink of an eye.

In a moment of distraction, he grabbed at empty air where the little divine dragon was, but wanting to capture him again was going to be more difficult.

Seeing the little divine dragon drilling everywhere in his trousers, and no matter what, he couldn’t capture it, Li Yaoxiang was so mad that his face turned red.

Under so many eyes, he, as the stately Second Master of the Jade Lake’s Palace, was made fun of and put into an awkward position. How could you ask him to endure it!

“Go die!” He slapped ruthlessly towards the little divine dragon on his thigh!

However, in the end, he still underestimated the little divine dragon’s speed. It was to the extent that after one palm strike slapped down, the little thing had already vanished long ago, whereas Li Yaoxiang’s slap which contained formidable spirit energy, struck his own thigh.

“Hisss——” Even he, as an eighth-ranked expert, could not bear it and had to suck in a cold breath of air.

Because it was really painful, he nearly slapped his own bones until they rend apart.

The rage in Li Yaoxiang’s eyes was already at the border of a sudden explosion.

As for the little divine dragon now, where was he?

He was at the place with Li Yaoxiang’s root, not far from the thigh area.

The little divine dragon was furious that Li Yaoxiang would bully his own Little Master. As a result, he aimed at the softest and weakest spot on Li Yaoxiang’s body, and directly bit down!

However, after this bite directly descended, the little divine dragon’s little head slanted to the side, a perplexed and puzzled expression appearing in his eyes.

Huh, why is it empty?

During the time when the little divine dragon was staring blankly, Li Yaoxiang hardened his heart and directly slapped towards his own crotch. It would absolutely hit its target.

Just now, the lesson he learned had just passed, Li Yaoxiang was afraid, therefore, he didn’t dare.

Now, from the outside, it seemed the little divine dragon’s little round body was standing in that place of his. It seemed very comical with that bulge.

Li Yaoxiang was anxious as well as furious, and he also dared not use his strength to slap there. Consequently, he could only reach out his hands to make a grab.

But, just when his hands were about to touch this round little thing, a scene that astonished everyone occurred.

Because he sensed danger approaching, the little divine dragon panicked and randomly selected a path that actually ripped apart the clothing covering Li Yaoxiang’s private part. His little body shot out and directly jumped on top of his head.

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