DKC – Chapter 697

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Chapter 697 – The grieving Li family (4)

“So small…” Anye Ming muttered.

Even though it was a mutter, the volume was loud enough for Li Yaoxiang to hear.

The little divine dragon sat on Li Yaoxiang’s head that was like a chicken’s nest. Two small claws grabbed onto that head which was as disorderly as weeds.

Two clear and limp pair of large eyes, with a perplexed and innocent expression, watched these people who were slapping their thighs, howling with laughter and shouting wildly.

He completely did not understand the mishap he had made.

The human world was really complicated… he does not understand. The little divine dragon pursed his small mouth. That listlessly small appearance was simply too adorable.

At this time, Li Yaoxiang had already gone mad with anger!

Being made fun of by the little divine dragon in front of the younger generation, he was already on the verge of suddenly exploding. Combined with what the little divine dragon did, made him expose a secret he had kept hidden for countless years in front of everyone.

In order to hide this secret, he even took a wife to cover it up. But now, everything was ruined!

This put him in one of those crazily insane moods.

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!!” Li Yaoxiang was so mad that he began wildly grabbing at his own head.

Since it had already been exposed, he just let it all go. He did not need to care about there being nothing there anymore!

Li Yaoxiang simply went mad. His hands were wildly grabbing at his head, but what’s the use? It’s not as if the little divine dragon was a statue, standing there and letting him grab.

Way before he had started doing that, the nimble little thing had already drifted down to his back.

But being in a state of madness, Li Yaoxiang was completely unaware. He was only seen to continuously grab at his own head.

One grab was a bundle of hair.

Even the skin with the hair was pulled down. Clumps of bloody flesh and black hair, the sight seemed eerie and frightening.

The smile in Su Luo’s and other’s eyes gradually froze. Their expression seemed to become somewhat grave.

“Ah ah ah ah ah——” A bellow exploded from Li Yaoxiang’s mouth. The entire heaven and earth shook for a moment.

Li Yaoxiong suddenly became quiet.

His lowered eyes suddenly bubbled up and exploded with red, rays of rage shooting towards Su Luo.

He was seen heading towards Su Luo one step at a time, walking there slowly.

His whole body appeared murderous, inciting fear in the hearts of people.

Just at this moment, the little divine dragon’s sharp claws clenched into a fist as he heavily smashed down on Li Yaoxiang’s head.

The red glow in Li Yaoxiang’s eyes gradually waned…. His eyes assumed the shape of a hypnotic spiral (1), slowly falling to the ground.

Su Luo resolutely wiped away the sweat on her forehead.

The Li Yaoxiang in a crazy state was simply too terrifying. Fortunately, the little divine dragon attacked with a heavy fist at the last moment.

After knocking Li Yaoxiang out, the little divine dragon flew towards Su Luo in high spirits with his little face slanted up pridefully.

“Awoo, awoo~~” The little divine dragon patted his chest, showing he did well and seeking praise from the Little Master.

“My family’s little dragon is still the greatest!” Su Luo smiled from ear to ear as she rubbed his head.

The little divine dragon loved this kind of spoiling and pampering move by Su Luo the most.

His two little claws grabbed onto the hem of her clothes and shyly buried his head in her bosom, digging around with his nose.

Su Luo could not help but let out a laugh.

The little divine dragon had a strength comparable to Li Xiaoyang, but with such a shy appearance, who would believe it if this was said out loud?

Don’t know when he would finally grow up.

Beichen Ying moved closer to Su Luo, that sunshine-filled, handsome face was full of smiles. His two canine teeth were shining brightly: “Sister-in-law, you’re really quite something! You can even raise a puppy into a little dragon!”

Lan Xuan also moved in closer, his pair of eyes releasing beams of light: “Where did you catch it? Is there more? Bring us to go catch one as well~~~”

Even though Anye Ming did not say anything, but his naked gaze also expressed a feeling of ardent hope and expectation.

Without waiting for Su Luo to answer, Beichen Ying already slapped Lan Xuan on the head: “This is a dragon, not a dog. Is it something that you can just casually pick up as you please?”



1) hypnotic spiral: The Chinese is translate into mosquito incense coil, which the Chinese lit to get rid of mosquitos. The incense is in the shape of a hypnotic spiral so I just used the more common English name for the shape in case people haven’t seen the Chinese mosquito incense. So if you see hypnotic spiral then the Chinese is mosquito incense coil.

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