DKC – Chapter 68

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Chapter 68 – Sunset Mountain Range (5)

With expectations that those two cold-blooded people might have actually had a merciful heart, Liu Weiming and company were truly navie.

Nangong Liuyun’s naturally diabolical face, flashed with waves of beautiful amethyst like luster on a lake. His expression was like the deep blue ocean under white clouds; they were so profoundly mysterious, that nobody could guess what he was thinking about in his heart.

However, Su Luo, who was of a similar type to him, realized his intentions, and her beautiful eyes vividly began to analyze the situation in full. A trace of interest flashed from their depths.

“Name a price. Everyone should be able to say how many silvers each of their lives is worth.” Su Luo had an indifferent expression.

Nangong Liuyun evoked an expression that was like a smile yet not a smile. His handsome countenance was pretty yet threatening.

Sure enough, the person who had understood him the most was his Luo girl.

“Uhhh….” Liu Weiming would never have thought that the reason his highness did not lend a hand was because he was waiting for them to offer him money. This was too….

“If you want to live then quickly give me a quote, otherwise, who knows which of you next will be eaten alive by the Wild Serpent.” Su Luo’s beautiful eyes narrowed and an unspeakable cunning evil smile appeared in its depth.

At the same time her heart was being filled with secret curses and unspoken criticism.

Nangon Liuyun you are too much. He obviously was targeting the jade horn on the Wild Serpent’s head. No matter what they did, he would have killed the Wild Serpent. But still he insisted on letting these people spend money on purchasing their lives.

What’s even more, this Wild Serpent had only come out because Liu Weiming and company drew it out. Nangong Liuyun was really *grabbing feathers from a flying goose*, calculated to the end.

Sure enough, he had said he never invested in losing businesses; at least this point was indeed true.

“Under my name I have five stores, I can offer you all of it——”

“I will use two Manors with large gardens to exchange——”

“I, I have one thousand taels——” Liu Ruohua saw the Wild Serpent kept rotating around her, trembling with fear she shrieked loudly.

“So in the end your life is only worth one thousand taels? it’s so very cheap.” Su Luo with both hands encircled around her chest, with a smiling expression that was not quite a smile, the words coming out of her mouth had a double meaning.

“One, one ten thousand tael! ahh——my foot——” Liu Ruohua was so scared that she started to cry loudly.

It was unknown if Nangong Liuyun was satisfied with the ten thousand tael, or if it was because he felt that leaving Liu Ruohua alive had a little more use. In short, just when the Wild Serpent was about to bit off Liu Ruohua’s thigh….

He acted.

You could only see that Nangong Liuyun’s entire body started to shine with golden rays of light. After that, it rapidly spread to the center of his palm. Finally it followed along his fingers and shot outwards.

Like the golden tip of a double-edged sword.

“swoosh——”The sound rung, the golden tip ruthlessly pierced toward the Wild Serpent’s heart.

It passed right through the heart, leaving a cup sized wound on its heart.

Beforehand, Liu Weiming and company had released their strongest magical powers together. All types of fireballs, water arrows, wind-blades techniques had smashed toward the serpent but could not break through the Wild Serpent’s defense; nor, could it get through the creature’s scales to cause even a trace of injury to its skin.

Yet Nangong Liuyun could so easily dispatch it with merely a shot of golden double-edged sword tip.

Like a knife cutting through tofu, it pierced straight through the very center of the Wild Serpent’s heart, and left through its back.

The Wild Serpent let out a loud painful howl, and then its enormous serpentine body segment by segment tumbled heavily to the ground. It produced a huge noise that lasted for a long while, as it kicked up a giant cloud of dust from the ground.

When it fell to the ground, it eyes refused to close, and even in death, it seemed to still be holding grudges within its expression.

The serpent head appear to be malevolent and terrifying.

One- one move?

But he just used only one move?

And it was just a slight wave of his sleeves?

Liu Weiming, Liu Ruohua, and the rest of their company had opened their eyes wide. Staring firmly at Nangong Liuyun, their mouth opened in an ‘O’ shape and could not say a word.

They all knew that Nangong Liuyun was very powerful, but they couldn’t have imagined he would be so strong to such an extent.

Together, with the six of their strengths combined, they couldn’t even wound the Wild Serpent, yet Nangong Liuyun with just a wave of his hand was able to kill the Wild Serpent.


*grabbing feathers from a flying goose* – a Chinese idiom meaning to seize any opportunity.

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