DKC – Chapter 67

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Chapter 67 – Sunset Mountain Range (4)

At the locations where the jade horn pointed to, brilliant, snake-shaped seeds would shoot towards there with astonishing quick speed.

At this time, its jade horn was like machine gun.…sprayed the bullets. Sparks flew and dragon-snakes danced in the air; the battlefield situation was extremely fierce.

Liu Weiming was the first one to be hit and could only see him momentarily stunned. His entire body was as rigid as steel, his hair was charred black and standing straight up. He was truly a very sorry figure at the moment. .

The second person to be hit was none other than Liu Ruohua. Because she had been wounded before, the marks of blood on her body were still not dried yet. Thus the Wild Serpent’s attention was even more attracted to her.

Very quickly this team was being taken advantage of by the Wild Serpent.

The Wild Serpent was not in a hurry to kill off this team. It laughed malevolently, as its remote and icy-cold expression locked on to them. Its eyes was so eerie that they penetrated into the depth’s of their souls.

A pair of icy eyes glared at this team making everyone of them absolutely horrified. They were shivering in terror, and their hearts were extremely panicked.

“Team…Team leader. Quickly think of an idea!”

“Team leader, Save us!”

At this moment, almost all of them were urging Liu Weiming to act. After all, he had spoken with his highness Prince Jin. It was for this reason that he was viewed the most suitable to speak on their behalf.

Liu Weiming was still very anxious; seeing the two people watching the play not far away, a complexed expression flashed across his eyes.

He knew, with his highness Prince Jin’s cold and detached personality, he probably would watch them all get swallowed up by the Wild Serpent. Afterwards, he might even turn around confidently and with ease walk away.

Compassion, sympathy, benevolence…these virtues would not appear on his body.

At this time, the Wild Serpent was splitting out scarlet snake bombs , Liu Weiming’s neck went back and forth. Finally, Liu Weiming’s feet weakened at the knees, and he anxiously shouted, “Your highness Prince Jin, save us! I beg your highness please! If your highness don’t take action now, we will definitely die!”

Nangong Liuyun languishly reclined against an ancient tree. His phoenix eyes narrowed and the corner of his mouth lifted into a resplendent demonic smile. His bright blood-red lips shone like they were scattered throughout with glossy and shimmering gems. However, it remained silent not saying a word.

Seeing that his highness hadn’t the slightest thought of taking action, Liu Weiming and his companions were becoming very anxious.

There was only one life, so once they were dead, there was nothing. Each and everyone of them was an arrogant, spoiled child of the heavens. How could they just die in such a helpless manner?

One after another, each and everyone of them shouted for help towards Nangong Liuyun.

“Ahhhhhh——!!!” Suddenly a desperate cry bursted out from among the crowd.

As it turned out it was from a youngster among the team. His entire right leg had been swallowed by the Wild Serpent in one bite.

Immediately his leftover half of leg’s blood rushed forth like spring water. It was so painful that he was rolling around on the ground.

Furthermore, the tooth of a Wild Serpent contained highly toxic poison, it possessed violently strong corrosive properties.

One could only see the youngster rolling around on the ground grabbing his right leg, as fresh blood was covered in countless tiny poisonous bubbles that burst forth. It seemed as though it was spreading from the bottom up.

His entire body was in pain from the corrosion; it ought to be more painful than lingering at death’s door from receiving a thousands cut or at least not far behind.

As this youngster rolled around on the ground, he let loose another terrifying screaming. Finally he just couldn’t stand it, he pulled out a dagger and thrust it straight into his own heart.

Watching the youngster who had immediately become a white skeleton after his last breath. Then recalling how just moments ago he had been so vividly alive among them, Liu Weiming and company momentarily had a sense of sympathy for their like-minded comrades in distress.

Even though it concluded this way, Nangong Liuyun deep, dark eyes were just like the quiet ocean under the white clouds, tranquil and unfathomable.

It was as if the death of the youngster was not even a bit gruesome to him.

Only until this moment, did Liu Weiming and company truly understood how cold-blooded and heartless his highness Prince Jin really was.

In the beginning they fancied the notion that they were lucky to be following behind his highness Prince Jin. Even more, they earnestly hoped that at the time, when they came across danger then they can obtain his helping hand.

Naive, they were truly too naive.

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