DKC – Chapter 69

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Chapter 69 – Sunset Mountain Range (6)

Everyone was watching Nanong Liuyun with eyes full of worship and adoration. Especially Liu Ruohua and another girl Li Wan, whose eyes, in addition to being filled to the brim with vigor, also emitted infatuated obsessiveness from their expressions when looking at Nangong Liuyun.

“Cut it off.” Nangong Liuyun’s appearance was picturesque, and his eyes were like a cold heavenly body; its depth appeared to let loose icy rays of indifference. His nonchalant voice commanded.

The crisis had been removed, so everybody let loose sighs of relief.

Liu Weiming wiped off a handful of perspiration from his forehead. Cheerfully and diligently, he ran up to carefully cut off the jade horn, and differentially presented it to Nangong Liuyun with both of his hands. Somewhat indecisively he once again hesitated as he said. ”Your highness, do you want this jade horn?”

With regards to such a high level expert like his highness Prince Jin, this jade horn won’t be considered very useful right?

Nangong Liuyun lifted an eyebrow and shot him a quick glance.

A pair of icy eyes, whose depth was able to mesmerize people, slowly made their intentions clear. Suddenly his scarlet, blood-red lips lifted into a devilishly alluring sneer.

Liu Weiming’s lungs felt as if they had been blocked by a boulder. An oppressive feeling, to the point where he couldn’t breath.

He cowered, trembling from head to toe and covering his chest in fear. He was unable to speak a single word.

Nangong Liuyun threw him a faint, sideway glance and handed the jade horn to Su Luo. His eyebrows gently rose, carrying an limitless indulgent spoiling manner. His smile was full of tender feelings. “It looks quite nice, take it and play with it as you wish.”

“Don’t want it.” Su Luo’s pair of clear and bright eyes unenthusiastically looked at him. She nevertheless quite bluntly refused. “Without effort the rewards is undeserved.”

Don’t want it! Liu Weiming and his group of people were practically weeping blood from their heart!

Was this young lady’s brain scared stupid? This was the Wild Serpent’s jade horn. Its JADE HORN!

Numerous people, in an attempt to obtain it, had risked their lives and died trying; but she had actually said that she didn’t want it!

In this case, it was even more true that constantly comparing oneself to others will only make one angry.

How could his highness Prince Jin unexpectedly and biasedly treat her so well? Liu Ruohua bit her lower lips, nearly chewing the gums of her mouth to pieces. She was so envious that she nearly went insane.

Nangong Liuyun still had the indulgent spoiling smile that filled his eyes. He gently rubbing her head. “If you don’t want it then just throw it away. It’s not as if it’s some valuable stuff.”

Throw…. throw it away?!?!

In a split second, almost all of their eyes were concentrated on the jade horn lying on top of Su Luo’s white slender palm. Their eyes clearly were expectantly waiting for her to throw it away without delay.

Su Luo saw their eager expressions turn expectant to the point where they began to salivate. Her heart secretly felt that it was laughable, but her mouth only said. “Since this being the case…then well…. I’ll first help you take care of it. Whenever you think of it then I’ll return it to you.”

Nangong Liuyun was noncommittal.

But once the words were spoken, Liu Weiming’s type of people’s disappointment was one that you could imagine.

Nangong Liuyun’s body showed a cold, indifferent intention. His expression was alienating and unsympathetic, coldly looking in disgust at Liu Weiming. “Inner core.” .

Liu Weiming’s expression was as usual, however his heart was secretly whining about his bitter luck.

With his highness Prince Jin’s type of strength, how could he still cared about the inner monster core of the Wild Serpent? He originally thought to take advantage of the confusion to remove the inner core, because this was one of their tasked item.

But since his highness Prince Jin mentioned it by name, how could he dare to even covet it silently?

He dug out the inner core and after washing it cleanly, he placed it into a box made of white jade. Only then did Liu Weiming differentially presented it to Nangong Liuyun.

Liu Weiming got up his nerves, took courage and weakly asked. “Your highness, this inner core….Does your highness want to sell it?

However, what made them envious was Nangong Liuyun again directly handed the small jade box to Su Luo.

Keeping silent nevertheless provided the best answer.

“But….but that is our tasked item, and also the Wild Serpent was drawn out by us!” Liu Ruohua felt aggrieved and argued noisily in a loud voice.

She felt it was really unfair. Su Luo did not even lift a finger. Instead she just stood there and watched the show. In the end all the spoils of war just ran into her arms. How could you asked her to swallow down such indignation.

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