DKC – Chapter 534

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Chapter 534 – Interrogation (10)

After Su Luo went out, Su Zian heavily sat back down on his chair, his face switching between light and darkness, unable to determine whether to stay clear or overcast.

Since that little spirit pet was a gift from His Highness Prince Jin, he naturally did not dare make any more plans about it. Only, that Su Luo……was really hard to deal with.

No matter what, Su Luo was still an offspring from the Su family, being able to climb onto His Highness Prince Jin, was really an enormous honor…..but, how could Jade Lake Palace’s Jade Lake’s Fairy be so easy to deal with?

If it was the Su Luo from the past, then abandoning her would be fine, however now, she had revealed her strength that made even him raise his eyebrows.

Su Zian momentarily felt a great headache.

As expected, she was a loathsome girl who stirred up troubles! If she did not exist, then he wouldn’t have these kinds of worries! At present, Su Zian wished he never had Su Luo, this daughter.

Early morning on the second day, as expected, from Su Zian’s words, people from the Li family of the Jade Lake Palace came. Moreover, they rushed over first thing in the morning with such an imposing manner!

The person who came was not a stranger, but Li Yaoxiang, the person Beichen Ying mentioned before.

Su Zian originally thought that when the Li family came, at most, they would send a person in a management position. How would he know that the one who came would unexpectedly be the Li family’s second generation’s well-known figure, Li Aotian’s biological uncle.

Li Yaoxiang’s appearance looked ordinary, the way he entered was also ordinary, however, it could strongly shake their point of view when they saw him.

Su Zian was already standing at the entrance of the manor since earlier, waiting to greet them. Yet, what greeted him was Li Yaoxiang’s stiff, corpse-like, cold face that lacked any expression.

Li Yaoxiang coldly snorted, walking from the gate to the drawing room. He left behind clear and distinct footprints with every step he took.

It was both dazzling and also made others cower by force.

Not mentioning other people, the servants at Su manor were currently frightened into silence. They dared neither to look nor speak some more, all of them hid far away like fishes in a pond, afraid of bringing disaster.

“Call Su Luo over.” Li Yaoxiang merely tossed out this sentence, then sat on the traditional chair at the highest position and closed his eyes to rest, his expression so proud as to be hard to reproduce.

Su Zian hurriedly said: “Senior, please sit down first, Luo’er will arrive at once, will arrive at once.”

Su Zian’s complexion changed a number of times to calm his nerves, his forehead was quickly covered with sweat as he softly instructed Su Jingyu: “Why haven’t you still quickly gone to invite Su Luo here!”

Li Yaoxiang came here with ill intent.

Su Zian, until now, still didn’t know about Li Aotian’s disappearance being connected to Su Luo. He also didn’t know that Su Luo went to Amethyst Thorned Island.

It was because this time, everyone that went to the Amethyst Thorned Island were almost completely wiped out, those few who came back kept their mouths sealed, unwilling to reveal even half a sentence.

No matter how polite and attentive Su Zian was, Li Yaoxiang still wouldn’t raise his eyelids. He was simply disinclined to pay him any attention, his attitude proud and arrogant.

It was as if in his eyes, these dirty and vulgar people were all like ants, whereas he was in a position up high like the Gods and Buddhas, extremely proud, aloof, noble and virtuous.

Su Zian smiled dryly and sat on one side like a guide, his expression was very awkward and embarrassed.

He had never before felt that time would be this endless.

Very quickly Su Zian was unable to sit still. He paced back and forth inside the room, with his eyes repeatedly gazing outside, simply anxiously waiting.

Very quickly, he soon saw Su Luo’s figure. He quickly walked over, pulled Su Luo and walked back inside, urgently urging: “Hurry up, hurry up.”

The bottom of Su Luo’s heart sunk slightly.

Su Zian’s attitude could clearly prove there was a problem.

Who did the Li family send this time? Actually able to scare Su Zian into this kind of appearance?

Later, when the Li family interrogated her, without even having to think, Su Zian absolutely would immediately sell her off……..this would be somewhat difficult to deal with.

Su Luo steadied her state of mind, followed along with Su Zian and stepped inside the hall.

Just as she took one step inside, a gaze that was as sharp as a knife shot towards her. A deterring force brought about by an expert’s imposing manner spread towards her.

Su Luo’s heart was slightly alarmed.

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