DKC – Chapter 533

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Chapter 533 – Interrogation (9)

Su Zian clenched his fists, his gloomy expression lightening and darkening, no one understood what he was thinking.

“Stand still!” Su Zian roared out in an angry and annoyed manner.

“Does honorable father have any other matter to instruct?” Su Luo unhurriedly turned around with a calm and collected smile.

Su Zian ground his teeth and deeply inhaled a breath, forcing himself to quickly calm down.

He was not stupid, even if he didn’t like Su Luo, this loathsome girl was still Su family’s offspring.

Now that Su Qing’s location was unclear, Su Luo, who was able to defeat Su Qing, was undoubtedly slowly becoming a new rising star.

“Take this secret manual, carefully cultivate, quickly rise to fifth rank!” Su Zian threw an old and tattered blue covered scripture towards Su Luo.

This was to express good will to her? Su Luo’s heart felt that this was too funny.

Su Zian’s current mood was indeed complex, no wonder his behavior was so hard to fathom and indeterminate.

Su Luo received the secret manual, then turned around and walked away. However, Su Zian’s voice coldly resounded: “Tomorrow a person from Jade Lake Palace will arrive, you deliver that little thing tomorrow.”

Jade Lake Palace? Jade Lake Fairy’s Jade Lake Palace? Li Aotian’s Jade Lake Palace?

Beichen Ying’s words floated in Su Luo’s mind.

He said that the Li family connected Li Aotian’s death with herself, then, could it be that Li family was coming here… to interrogate her?

Su Zian was too good. He wanted the little divine dragon in order to win favors with the Li family?

Su Luo’s recently good mood after receiving the secret manual was broken and she indifferently replied: “Impossible.”

“What?!” This was the first time that someone dared to brazenly reject Su Zian.

“I said. Im-po-ssi-ble!” Su Luo’s voice was ice-cold, similar to snow on top of a millennium glacier, indifferently and extremely cold.

“Say that to this father again!” Su Zian gloweringly opened his eyes, angry to the point where he wanted to pounce towards Su Luo and choke her to death.

Jade Lake’s Li family, what kind of nobility were they? If Su family could make friends with them, then that would be Su family’s fortune!

However, how could Su Zian know that Su Luo already offended Jade Lake’s Fairy through and through, and even Li Aotian’s death was also because of her.

Both sides were filled with enmity and already could not live under the same sky. They had long ago already thought of not resting until the other side was killed, how would they even bother to work together?

Su Luo coldly looked at him, indifferently said: “Wishing to curry favors with Jade Lake Palace? As I see it, it’s not necessary.”

“You——” Su Zian angrily raised the palm of his hand.

However, the corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked up and gave a cold smile: “I forgot to say something, a while ago I lied to you, the little puppy was not picked up along the road.”

“Finally willing to tell the truth?” Su Zian gloomily and coldy smiled.

“Yes, because this little puppy was gifted to me by an expert, he reminded me that I cannot tell outsiders. However, honorable father is not an outsider, so presumably, he would not blame me.” Su Luo smiling sweetly looking at Su Zian.

“This kind of precious spirit pet, who gifted it to you? Could it be….” thinking about that person, Su Zian was momentarily doused by cold water from head to feet, his boiling heart immediately cooled down.

On the arena, His Highness Prince Jin appeared with Su Luo hand in hand. After the duel, he also led Su Luo along, leaving together.

Hearing this news was like having wings plugged in and wildly circling the capital, how could the well-informed Su Zian not know?

“Honorable father has guessed correctly.” Since Su Zian himself had guessed on His Highness Prince Jin, Su Luo naturally remained ambiguous.

Actually more accurately saying, it was indeed correct. When she and His Highness Prince Jin went to Sunset Mountain Range, the little puppy voluntarily came onto her. However, Su Luo would not kindly explain to him.

“You leave first.” Su Zian shook his head, waved his hand indicating at Su Luo.

Now, his complexion had become a bit complicated.

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