DKC – Chapter 535

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Chapter 535 – Falling from the sky (1)

Su Luo’s heart cried out ‘not good’.

This Li family elder was full of confidence, his fiery strength was completely opened. She had just arrived and he immediately showed off his might. Perhaps today’s matter would be somewhat difficult to deal with.

Su Luo took a deep breath, calmed herself, then calmly and serenely walked into the room.

“So you’re Su Luo?” Li Yaoxiang’s eyes narrowed slightly, condescendingly looking down, as he indifferently swept a glance at Su Luo.

His voice was colder than millennium-year-old ice, without any emotions, not attaching any importance to the Su Luo before his eyes.

Su Luo calmly nodded her head: “Yes.”

Li Yaoxiang coldly and arrogantly stared at her, his eyes was as sharp as electricity, giving off a murderous and awe-imposing aura.

“Tell me Li Aotian’s whereabouts, and I’ll spare you from death.” Li Yaoxiang continued being arrogant and emphatic. His attitude didn’t change the slightest even though it was a little girl in front of him.

Li Aotian? He had been swallowed up by the raging flames long ago. You couldn’t even find a piece of his hair in this lifetime, then how to tell his whereabouts? Su Luo silently cursed in her heart.

Su Luo gave a cold sneer in her heart, but on the surface, she showed only innocent bewilderment. She seemed extremely innocent: “Did the elder misunderstanding something? How could this little woman know Young Master Li’s whereabouts?”

“Humph!” Li Yaoxiang gave a furious cold snort, “Loathsome girl, you still dare to quibble? Do you think this one won’t kill you?!”

Su Luo’s face showed her innocence and helplessness: “Elder really misunderstood. Yes, there is no mistake that I went with everyone to the Amethyst Fish Palace.

However, even though we all entered the Amethyst Fish Palace, but Young Master Li’s martial arts skill is outstanding like a crane in a flock of chicken, how could he have traveled the same path as this little woman? Therefore this little woman really does not know.”

“Sophistry.” Li Yaoxiang’s scornful eyes swept a disdain glance over Su Luo, “At the last moment, weren’t there only the two of you left?”

Su Luo’s heart slightly sank.

After the crown prince and Beichen Ying were locked up in traps, indeed, only her and Li Aotian, the two of them, were left.

That being said, then the one who leaked the news to the Li family must have been the crown prince, oh? This crown prince…If she didn’t go to him to demand payment, then she would really be letting herself down. Su Luo, who loved to hold grudges, immediately started thinking of the crown prince.

In the East Palace, while surrounded by beautiful women, the crown prince who was drinking good wine suddenly shivered with cold.

Under Li Yaoxiang’s pressure as a strong expert, Su Luo smiled indifferently: “Indeed, it is as Elder has said, but at that time, the Amethyst Fish Palace was about to disappear. We went our separate ways to return, everyone was occupied with fleeing for their lives. As to where Young Master Li went, I really don’t know ah. If I knew, then I would have certainly followed closely behind Young Master Li to seek a thread of shelter.”

“Matter had reached this stage and you still dare to lie?” Li Yaoxian’s tone had an indescribable indifference. But in his heart he secretly had a trace of admiration for Su Luo.

Under his powerful pressure, still could maintain a trace of calm, it could clearly been seen this loathsome girl’s nature was very determined. She was a very good seedling for cultivation, it was a pity.

“This little woman truly do not know the facts, looks like you really found the wrong person. At that time the crown prince’s relationship with Young Master Li was pretty good. Wouldn’t it be better for you to go ask the crown prince?” Su Luo spread out both hands, indicating she was quite helpless. Soon after she diverted the source of calamity eastward.

Li Yaoxiang’s complexion suddenly started to become ugly.

The Jade Lake Palace’s position on this continent was extremely high, his existence at the Jade Lake Palace had always been the number one or two that countless number of people look up to. Now this type of ant like loathsome girl dared to disrespect him?

Don’t overestimate your own strength.

“Are you going to say it or not?” Li Yaoxiang’s expression slowly become cold, finally dropped to the freezing point.

Su Luo helplessly shook her head, looking innocent and helpless at the same time: “I really could say nothing more. If the elder insist on placing the blame for the second young master from Li family on this little woman’s body then this little woman is powerless to refuted the charges.”

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