DKC – Chapter 499

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Chapter 499 – Life and death duel (6)

“No matter how you say it, they are always talking about the future brother-in-law. In the end, who is that man? Having the ability to make Su Qing fall for him, he shouldn’t be an ordinary person.”

“I heard it was His Highness Prince Jin.”

“Pfft——that is even more hilarious. Su Qing prostrating herself before His Highness Prince Jin, this I believe, but how could His Highness Prince Jin possibly fancy Su Qing? Isn’t that just nonsense?”

“Precisely ah, there are even more outrageous sayings. There have even been rumors that the good-for-nothing trash Su Luo from the Su family snatched His Highness Prince Jin from Su Qing’s hands.”

“Pfft ha ha ha——I am dying from laughter. Let’s not mention the good-for-nothing Su Luo, even Su Qing herself, what qualifications does she have to be fancied by His Highness Prince Jin? Even going so far as boasting that His Highness Prince Jin is her true love? Who the hell does she think she is?!”

The above-mentioned were actually from the Anti Su Qing camp.

Due to the controversy, there were many people who paid close attention to the duel as a result.

As a result of one round after another of hype, today’s duel to the death had simply reached the extent where it was bursting with activity with a turnout that included the entire capital.

The Imperial Capital had an enormous fighting stadium sufficient to accommodate a hundred thousand people.

There were many areas on the fighting stage, but in the most central area there now stood a female in a blazing red skirt.

One could see she had an exquisite and extremely beautiful appearance with a complexion as clear and cold as a lotus. With her standing on stage, even her surroundings appeared to have been cooled down by a few degrees.

Su Qing stood on stage, so she heard the comments from the audience below.

In the beginning, the public opinion was favorable towards her, with many criticizing Su Luo. She listened with a calm and collected complexion. Not a single ripple disturbed Su Qing’s expression, but her heart was delighted from beginning to end.

However, she didn’t know since when, the direction of public opinion started to gradually change.

A few opinions unfavorable towards her started to appear, mostly mocking her wishful thinking with regards to His Highness Prince Jin.

This was precisely the sharpest thorn buried deepest in Su Qing’s heart. Having it pointed out and laid bare by people like this made her suffer more pain than simply just killing her.

Standing on top of the really high and enormous fighting stage, Su Qing clenched both her hands into fists. Her complexion condensed into a cold and arrogant expression. She continuously mouthing Su Luo’s name in her heart, accompanied by the sinister hatred in her eyes.

Time gradually passed, but Su Luo still hadn’t arrived.

The spectators under the stage who wanted to see a good play immediately become unhappy. One after another, they yelled at the top of their throats:

“What’s going on? Wasn’t it said there will be a duel to the death? It’s almost time, where is the other person?”

“Exactly ah, we had to arrive early in the morning in order to grab good seats. Do you think it was easy? Are they playing with us?”

“Don’t tell me Su Luo became scared at the last moment and did not dare to come, huh? Hey, this is really too embarrassing, right?”

“If she was afraid, then she shouldn’t have agreed; since she has agreed, she shouldn’t be afraid. The character of Su Manor’s fourth Miss is too lacking, right? No wonder she could do something nauseating like stealing her older sister’s future husband.”

Everyone in the audience were discussing this spiritedly, but Lan Xuan was so anxious his forehead started to give off sweat.

Beichen and Anye were searching for them on the ocean, but his luck wasn’t as good. His assignment was to reverse the direction of the public opinion: to create a fair, auspicious, and peaceful environment in the battle arena for sister-in-law.

His suppression of Su Qing’s stratagems had just started to show some results. Nevertheless, who could have imagined that the time for the duel was quickly approaching, yet sister-in-law still had not arrived.

Public opinion was a small matter, but sister-in-law’s safety was a major concern.

If she had truly met with mishap, very likely a huge problem had occurred on Nangong’s side…… Lan Xuan irritability pulled at his hair. He somewhat worriedly stood up to look in all directions.

“Young master, this……do we still continue?” Lan Xu, Lan Xuan’s loyal and devoted subordinate, respectfully bowed and asked.

Lan Xuan recalled Anye Ming’s instruction from that day: it did not matter if sister-in-law showed up or not, he must continue to reverse the public opinion for her.

Recalling up to that point, Lan Xuan twitchly waved his hand: “Continue.”

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