DKC – Chapter 500

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Chapter 500 – Life and death duel (7)

The time for the decisive battle drew nearer by minutes and seconds.

But what nobody could imagine was that even now, Su Luo still hadn’t arrived yet.

On the fighting stage, the corner of Su Qing’s mouth hooked up slightly, tilting up into a ridiculing sneer.

“Su Luo, are you afraid? Afraid to come, right? Being like this, how are you fit to be with His Highness Prince Jin? Why would he be so good to you? You don’t deserve it! Don’t deserve it!”

Su Qing’s deep, cold eyes dropped down slightly as she stood on the marble fighting stage made up of huge boulders, unmoving and silently laughing in her heart.

If Su Luo didn’t show up, not only did it imply that she was a coward, but at the same time, her name would be on the most wanted list in the mainland. Then, from this day forth, she would never have a peaceful day.

Everyone on the mainland worshipped the strong and would always look down upon cowards for a lifetime.

Therefore, there was a rule, not daring to attend your life-and-death duel, your name would immediately be placed on the list of most wanted with a very high reward money offered. Also, everyone would kill her.

Therefore…Su Luo, today, you appearing is death, not appearing is also death!

Su Qing’s cold eyes hung down, a sinister and cruel radiance flashing through them.

Meanwhile, in a private room on the second floor of the fighting arena, the door was closed tightly.

An extremely beautiful woman that was above the common people sat upright like a queen. Her pair of eyes unblinkingly stared at the empty fighting stage below with an enigmatic expression. Nobody could see clearly what she was thinking about.

A screened hat was placed quietly at her right hand side. This screened hat could only cover half of a person, it was just like her expression, pitch-black as ink.

The audience under the stage was spiritedly discussing away, regardless of how Lan Xuan’s people tried to pacify the rowdy crowd, but without Su Luo’s appearance, these people felt as if they were being fooled. Immediately, they were angry against a common enemy and unprecedentedly united as one.

Lan Xuan pressed down on his temple that was throbbing non-stop. He bitterly smiled inside his heart, if at this moment, Sister-in-law is again unwell, maybe this matter would not end well.

“There is still the final three minutes left, but our other duelist has not appeared at all.” The judges walked onto the fighting stage with eyes gazing off in the distance in all four directions, indifferently saying: “As everyone knows, no matter what kind of reason, after signing a life-and-death contract and not going onto the life-and-death stage, from now on, she will inevitably suffer attacks from the experts of the entire continent.”

The judge paused and another minute passed.

The final two minutes.”

In the wake of the judge’s words, immediately, all the tongues of the people at the scene started to wag.

“Not true right? That Miss Su really doesn’t dare to come?”

“Precisely, she actually turned out to be a coward. Originally, I heard that this Miss, on the surface, was a good-for-nothing, but had actually hidden her strength under a bushel to secretly cultivate. I thought she was going to be a great person, never expected this…”

“That’s right, originally, I also thought highly of and supported this Su Luo. I just wanted to see the play of a concubine daughter’s counterattack. Who would have imagined that she simply won’t dare to even appear.”

The judge’s indifferent voice once again echoed out: “The last minute.”

Momentarily, everyone settled down. With rapt attention, they held their breath, unmoving and waiting for the arrival of the last second.

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock…

Nobody ever felt until now how very slowly the time could pass. It was so slow as if the entire world had stop rotating around.

“Ten, nine, eight, seven…” Now, everyone was all counting down in their hearts, with their hearts full of all kinds of stirred up moods.

In the wake of the sound of the audience counting down the time.

In the private room on the second floor, this exceedingly refined, extremely beautiful woman’s mouth slowly hooked up into a smiling expression. Her smile was beautiful like a blooming summer flower.

The sneer at the corner of her mouth became increasingly distinct: Su Luo, never imagined defeating you this easily, really doesn’t give a person a feeling of accomplishment.

But, very quickly, the smile, in a flash, became rigid at the corner of her mouth. Her entire person seemed to have all the acupuncture points pushed to a stop, back so stiff that she almost couldn’t budge.

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