DKC – Chapter 498

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Chapter 498 – Life and death duel (5)

When Beichen Ying mentioned Li Yaoxiang, Nangong Liuyun merely frowned slightly and didn’t give more of a response.

Seeing Su Luo, Beichen Ying was the happiest.

But before he could express his excitement, he was directly assigned a new task by Nangong Liuyun.

“What? Send forces to suppress pirates? And it is the Dragon Gang of the Eastern Sea?” Beichen Ying continued to shake his head, “No way, no way, those guys appear like the Gods and vanish like the devils, only Heaven knows which corner they are hiding in. By the time the armed forces appear, they have already fled and vanished without a trace earlier.”

Su Luo’s eyes were bent like a half-moon, as she smilingly said: “This time, with Nangong Liuyun taking action, then I don’t believe it will be that troublesome.”

“Second brother, you want to undertake this task?” Momentarily, Beichen Ying’s eyes gave off a bright light, having a looking-forward-to-it expression.

“Not undertaking the task, rather, it’s better to say have already taken action.” Nangong Liuyun tossed him a jade piece, “Now go.”

Once he heard these words, Beichen Ying was immediately all smiles.

The Dragon Gang of the Eastern Sea had never been razed even once by the imperial court, the riches it had hoarded, one could only imagine.

Normally, where they would withdraw to was unknown, so it was fine. But now, since they had Nangong Liuyun participating, naturally, it would be an instant win.

Beichen Ying put away the jade piece carefully, smiling towards Su Luo until you could only see the eyebrows and not the eye, revealed a mouthful of snow-white teeth: “Sister-in-law should feel assured, if there are good stuff, I certainly will save it for you. I’ll wait until you return from an immediate victory to split the booty.”

“That’s naturally good.” Su Luo smilingly said to him.

The fastest way to accumulate wealth was not to earn it, but rather to plunder for it.

The Dragon Gang of the Eastern Sea had run amok and was feared for many years on the Eastern Sea, and was never razed once by the imperial court. One could well imagine its wealth, Su Luo nearly salivated just thinking about it.

Don’t blame her for being shortsighted, it was actually because she needed to activate that formation to get out, and after paying the expensive cost, she really was so poor as to not even have clanking sounds in her pockets.

Nangong Liuyun smilingly rubbed her head, with a tender voice. saying: “Let’s go.”

There were sufficient armed soldiers on the luxurious yacht. Nangong Liuyun handed all of them over to Beichen Ying, whereas he personally brought Su Luo over to a smaller, independent yacht stored in the hold of the luxurious yacht. He brought Su Luo on the journey home, rushing headlong back.

Eastern Ling Imperial Capital.

Today, the streets were much livelier than previous days. One after another, a crowd of people flocked to the largest fighting stadium in the middle of the city.

The second Miss and fourth Miss from the Great General Su’s residence was about to conduct a life-and-death duel, moreover, it was going to be today.

This kind of news was like injecting a dose of fresh blood into the ordinary, boring lives of the people in the capital. This suddenly made a lot of people impassioned.

Everyone continuously guessed: in the end, just what kind of hatred was there that would make two sisters have this kind of falling out?

There were people who favored Su Qing and would proclaim the argument that the poisonous Su Luo seduced Su Qing’s one true love.

“You guys are really too ill-informed and narrow-minded, not even knowing this? That Su Luo is a vixen, I heard she even seduced her own older sister’s future husband.”

“That’s right! She is still a girl birthed by a concubine. Normally, she is also a good-for-nothing waste, she has no honor or shame, to actually go seduce her older sister’s future husband. She simply doesn’t have any self-awareness, too shameless.”

“Right, otherwise, how could Su Qing, in a fit of fury, raise the matter of a life-and-death duel? It was because she was completely infuriated.”

“If I were to have this kind of younger sister, I would choke her to death at the earliest opportunity and be done with it, to avoid being set up by her in the future.”

These irresponsible rumors spread faster than the speed of wind, very quickly, everyone in the city knew about it.

But, it was also not everyone would follow the opinion of the majority, there were some clear-headed people.

“Too laughable, since Su Luo herself is a love-struck fool and a good-for-nothing waste, then how could she seduce her older sister’s in-name-only, future husband? Is that older sister’s future husband a blind person? Since he is blind, then how could Su Qing’s kind of ice beauty even be interested?”

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