DKC – Chapter 489

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Chapter 489 – Leaving the region of flames (6)

There was a dim layer of fluorescence floating around the golden coffin, like a transparent protective cover safeguarding the coffin within, not allowing a person to easily touch it.

“This is…” Su Luo looked doubtfully at Nangong Liuyun.

“This is a kind of ancient seal formation.” Nangong Liuyun’s features were picturesque with a purely sparkling appearance. He paused for a bit, then continued to explain: “As long as we can open the golden coffin, we will be able to go out.”

In her heart, Su Luo realized that the seal, traps and concealed weapons within this stone room had all been dealt with earlier by Nangong Liuyun. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be standing here so safely.

“Eh, there are words here.” Su Luo pointed to the place under the golden coffin’s underside, reading out loud, word by word: “If you want to activate this formation, the energies from one thousand green-colored crystal stones are required.”

“One thousand pieces? That many!” Su Luo couldn’t help but to blink her eyes a few times, speechlessly holding her forehead: “Isn’t this simply just conning people? Where will you find someone that would carry so many crystal stones on their body?”

Nangong Liuyun stood with his hands behind his back, his eyes as deep and pitch-black as a lake. He calmly nodded: “Clearly, this rule was tailor-made for you.”

Su Luo’s entire face was full of black lines.

She had no choice but to admit that Nangong Liuyun’s words were extremely correct.

Apart from her who was lucky enough to carry her space with her, other people really didn’t have the capabilities to all at once pay out this many crystal stones.

Su Luo felt her flesh hurting as she complained: “The expense of leaving home is one thousand green crystal stones, it really is a lion with its mouth wide open, it really is that if you have never been in charge of a household, you don’t know how expensive wood and rice are.”

However, the only thing that made Su Luo’s mind more at peace was that the crown prince still owed her a great debt. Wait until she got out, this debt must be transferred to the crown prince.

Su Luo, while pouting and murmuring her complaints, reached her hand into her space to grab some. This grab made her expression freeze and immediately change.

Nangong Liuyun’s bright, deep eyes that held back sea landed on Su Luo’s face: “What’s wrong?”

Su Luo’s face had a wishing to cry but lacking the tears expression said: “My crystal stones! They. Are. Completely. Gone!”

“….” Nangong Liuyun was still as unperturbed as before: “What happened?”

Su Luo did not answer him, merely with one pull, she lifted out the main culprit, glaring very fiercely at him.

Now, the little divine dragon was cowering in fear, curled up into a ball, two little paws covering his face. He only dared to stealthily take measure of Su Luo through the narrow slit of his fingers.

Su Luo was so angry that she nearly slapped his little butt: “This damn child, stealthily eating all the crystal stones as snacks, too abominable, this really is that it’s difficult to protect against the thief that comes from your own home.”

She remembered that at that time when they entered the stone room, there were many crystal stone in the sea-colored bowl of the Amethyst Crystal Fish. Besides green-colored crystal stones, there were also cyan- and blue-colored crystal stones. But just a moment ago, when Su Luo searched around, she discovered that not even a hair remained.

The little divine dragon blinked his huge limpid eyes, innocently and also bewilderedly looking at Su Luo. That little appearance seemed miserable, resulting in Su Luo unable to make a move to teach him a lesson.

Su Luo remained silent and could only glare at him accusingly: “This child, you, how could you think to eat it all as snacks? Should have saved some for illegal tolls, now we can’t get out.”

Rushing to catch the time for the appointment, with great difficulty, they found a door, but now, couldn’t go out. This kind of feeling was the most gloomy and suffocating.

The little divine dragon silently glanced at Su Luo, crooked his head and thought for some time. Finally, he still made a firm decision and took out a blue-colored crystal stone from his own pocket. He reluctantly handed it over to Su Luo.

Before, Su Luo had specifically asked Lu Luo to make clothes for the little puppy to wear, and she had even sewn on a few pockets.

As soon as she saw that blue crystal stone with teeth marks that had had half of it chewed away, Su Luo nearly exploded.

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