DKC – Chapter 488

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Chapter 488 – Leaving the region of flames (5)

Saying this, Nangong Liuyun left her behind to cultivate, as he again followed yesterday’s track to look for a way out.

These dozen or so days, he had never given up on finding a way out, because he must bring Su Luo out of here. He didn’t have the heart to have Su Luo accompany him, squandering away time in this cave of flames.

Such a huge cave of flames, more than half of it was already searched by him using a grid pattern, but there was still the southeast area that remained and that he hasn’t visited before. Now, he was just using all his strength to search in this area.

Su Luo’s attention was still placed upon that piece of strange stone.

What amazed people was that the surrounding temperature really was a little lower, to the extent that she could withstand the heat for the time it took to burn a stick of incense.

In the end, what was really inside this stone? It was simply too strange. Su Luo held it and examined it from left to right, she always felt that there was a very mystical existence inside, waiting for her to discover it from her exploration.

When Su Luo put her spirit force into the stone, besides feeling that the inside temperature could burn her hand, she couldn’t find anything else. Previously, this chunk of stone could still shriek and nearly draw Li Aotian’s pursuit to kill her. But now, it seemed to have sunk into a deep sleep without even the slightest reaction.

But as per Nangong Liuyun’s honest words, she really was extremely lucky.

It was because this stone had already recognized her as its master from the drops of her blood. The more flames it absorbed, then the greater it would be in assisting her in cultivating the fire attribute.

At this point of time, Su Luo really couldn’t help but wish it could absorb all the blazing flames within the entire cave.

As far as Su Luo was concerned, this cave of flames was really an exceptionally great place to cultivate. There wasn’t another place that could compare to this naturally formed cave of flames.

Since there was such a great environment for cultivation, Su Luo naturally wouldn’t waste it. Therefore, these days, she had all along been cultivating with the greatest effort.

Besides eating and sleeping, she was cultivating all the time. Moreover, she was cultivating both inside and outside of her space at the same time.

After about another ten days had passed, Su Luo, from the beginning of fourth rank, all at once soared to the middle of fourth rank. Su Luo’s, this kind of cultivation, no matter where she was placed, it was an occurrence that would make people gasp in surprise.

Concurrently, more than half of the flames in this cave was absorbed by that strange stone. The temperature all around had dropped down in surrender. Now, even if Su Luo’s hand wasn’t holding the stone, she could still cultivate safely.

This was merely a short period of ten days, to have improved this quickly! Not only Su Luo, even Nangong Liuyun was speechless.

“This kind of cultivation speed, a problem wouldn’t arise, right?” Su Luo looked at her own pair of hands, the corner of her mouth twitching slightly.

According to what she knew, a lot of people with pretty good talent. from the beginning to the middle of fourth rank, without a year’s time, it was absolutely impossible. But, it was just ten days for her…ten days ah! This was simply…She couldn’t even find words to describe it.

Nangong Liuyun thoroughly and carefully examined her body once over, finally, he relaxed the breath he was holding, then rubbed her head: “There is no harm to your body, the promotion of your strength can also be considered to be stable. It can be assumed that there will be no problems.”

“Then that’s great.” Su Luo spread out both of her hands, expressing her lack of choice. Sometimes, when strength was promoted too fast, it was also a kind of burden.

However, a worried expression very quickly appeared on Su Luo’s face, as she let out a sigh: “Calculating the days, after another three days, it will be the agreed-upon life and death duel, but I can’t get out.”

Su Luo was really worried.

She was not the kind of person that would cower.

She had already accepted the written challenge, if she didn’t appear… how could she still live in the capital?

To say nothing of her strength rising so much right now, this was the best time for her to display her full capabilities. To be trapped like this, it made her feel as if she had smashed her fist into a pile of cotton.

The corner of Nangong Liuyun’s mouth merely hooked up, his smile somewhat mysterious. He pulled on Su Luo’s hand and said: “Come, follow this king for a walk.”

“Where are we going?” Su Luo curiously asked.

Nangong Liuyun merely smiled enigmatically and kept her in suspense: “Once we get there, you will know.”

The cave of flames was very large, all around were the golden-color of blazing flames, and visibility was very low.

One of Su Luo’s hand was being pulled along by Nangong Liuyun, the other hand held onto the stone, following along the meandering passageway to walk forward.

Didn’t know for how long they had walked, when up ahead, a very small stone room appeared.

Nangong Liuyun familiarly pushed open the heavy stone door, leading Su Luo by the hand, they entered together.

“Oh——” Seeing the thing in front of her eyes, Su Luo couldn’t help but to cry out in surprise.

There was a very peculiarly-shaped golden coffin.

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