DKC – Chapter 490

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Chapter 490 – Leaving the region of flames (7)

“You are still hiding food.” Su Luo glared at him.

The little divine dragon shrank back, and again, from his own pocket, silently, slowly, reluctantly, and after hesitating for a long time, finally, this time, handed an intact, blue-colored crystal stone over to Su Luo.

Su Luo gave a sigh: “Forget it, first put it aside, wait until there isn’t enough, and I’ll find you to try to gather the rest.”

That reluctant-to-part-with little appearance, looking at it was really too pathetic, making her seem like a female bandit, it was truly annoying.

Su Luo recalled that previously, she had placed a lot of Amethyst Thorned Fishes into her space. These days, she and Nangong Liuyun ate a few, but there ought to still be a lot left over.

Su Luo checked once through and also added the one and a half pieces of blue-colored crystal stone. After counting it over and over again, she was still a few short. As a result, she once again lifted up the little miser in front of her by the ear.

The miserly little divine dragon, with an aggrieved expression, once again took out a few pieces from his pocket and gave them to Su Luo. Afterwards, he snorted twice and turned his head away with his little mouth pouting. His tail was sticking up, clearly, he was very peeved at Su Luo.

This little thing also started to have a temper, truly rare to see.

Su Luo could only smile and coaxe him, while rubbing the fur under his chin, she promised: “Okay, okay, within the next month, regardless of what crystal stone the Amethyst Crystal Fish spits out, all will be given to you. This will make up for it, right?”

Only now was the little divine dragon happy, excitedly shaking his tail, again rushing into Su Luo’s embrace, acting cute to rub against her.

Su Luo patted his little head and thought somewhat worriedly.

This little thing was obviously the dragon race’s most respected golden divine dragon, but was raised by her to resemble a puppy more and more. Wait until the little divine dragon’s father came to retrieve him, didn’t know if he would look for her to settle this debt.

But this was not the most worrying matter. The thing that made her most depressed was after she had gathered enough crystals to activate the formation. She then discovered that she was already so poor as to have nowhere to go.

Except for the Amethyst Crystal Fish that could spit out crystal stones like a hen laying eggs, Su Luo didn’t even have a red crystal stone in her hand. She was really so poor as to have empty ringing sounds in her pockets.

The pitiful her didn’t know, that within the next month in the future, the little divine dragon’s luck was full to bursting. The Amethyst Crystal Fish gave him a lot of face, all the crystal stones it spit out was high grade, frankly making Su Luo so jealous until her eyes were red. This was something that happened later.

After scraping together enough crystal stones, Su Luo handed everything over to Nangong Liuyun.

Nangong Liuyun extracted all the energy from the Amethyst Thorned Fishes and crystal stones and placed it in the middle of the formation.

Nangong Liuyun’s phoenix eyes were tightly closed, only his hands were forming hand seals at lightning speed. He formed many seals with his hands, each and every one of them was very complicated. These seals were like characters shooting around on top of the transparent protective layer.

Time passed, little by little.

Didn’t know how much time had passed, before Nangong Liuyun suddenly opened his pair of eyes. He grabbed Su Luo by the hand, bringing her to enter the golden coffin together.

Lying inside the golden coffin, the top, with a ‘thump’, closed. All around was pitch-black.

The space inside the golden coffin was not large, two people lying inside was somewhat crowded. Nangong Liuyun easily turned and had Su Luo’s entire body rested on his body.

Su Luo’s head just happened to bump into his chest, and she could clearly hear Nangong Liuyun’s heartbeat.

Nangong Liuyun calmly said: “If we could be born under the same blanket and die in the same coffin, then it’s also pretty good.”

Su Luo’s words dampened the mood: “I want to live well, and keep living for a very long time.”

Nangong Liuyun pinched the tip of her nose, raising his sharp eyebrows with a ghost of a smile: “That way is even better, this king will stick to you for a very long time.”

Su Luo rolled her eyes at him.

Suddenly, a strong spirit force attacked towards their forehead. Su Luo felt a burst of dizziness and shook her head. Very quickly, she sunk into a swamp-like darkness.

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