DKC – Chapter 428

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Chapter 428 – A narrow escape (10)

The Jade Lake Palace had a type of drug that could control a person’s mind, at that time, the consequences would be too horrible to contemplate.

Now, she was still fortunate, if she was to end up in the Jade Lake’s Fairy’s hand…Su Luo shivered a little.

Alas, it was just like what she said before, relying on a mountain, it collapses, depending on a person, they run, the most dependable people and thing to rely on is herself!

No good, she could not mope on like this, she must save herself.

Su Luo, while being carried on Li Aotian’s shoulder, her mind suffered from the invasion of cold air, and worked somewhat slowly.

Even then, she still thought of an idea that would not be considered a plan.

Before, Su Luo had already tested it because she was a fire elemental system, therefore, she could use her own fire system to melt this layer of ice.

But what made her despair was that after she had tried hard for a long time, she only melted a little of the ice. If she was truly to thaw out, at that time, the golden needles (1) dish would be cold. By then, she would have already been peeled naked, broken into pieces, and put on display.

However, Su Luo’s slow brain finally worked out something right.

She concentrated all of the spirit power from her fire system into her right hand.

First, wherever the ice layer seemed to be, it was thinner relative to other places.

Second, as long as there was an opportunity for her right hand to make a move, and as long as Li Aotian was unguarded, then there was still a chance for her to escape, going to heaven in order to live.

Therefore, while Li Aotian carried her with flying speed, hurrying on his journey to return, Su Luo merely held her breath, with rapt attention condensing all of her spirit power into her right hand.

It would be difficult to thaw out her entire body, but if it was only one point, then it was not impossible.

After approximately a little less than an hour had passed.

Up ahead, was finally the gate to the main hall of the palace.

The gate to the main hall was wide open, giving people an empty, bleak feeling.

Su Luo saw this and couldn’t help but sigh with sorrow and regret.

She still remembered that less than a day ago, there were many people that stood in front of this gate to the main hall. Yet now, stepping out of the main hall’s gate was only her and Li Aotian, two people.

When Li Aotian stepped outside of the main hall’s gate, there was only a little bit left of the layer of ice on Su Luo’s palm.

Because she didn’t want Li Aotian to detect it, while Su Luo was thawing the ice layer, she also put away the water droplets into her space at the same time. This was the reason why Li Aotian still hadn’t detected the thawing.

However, after exiting the gate of the main hall, Li Aotian suddenly looked towards Su Luo. During the time he wanted to speak with her, from the corner of his eyes, he just so happened to see that her hand had broken through the layer of ice.

Immediately, Su Luo’s heart trembled apprehensively.

No sooner said, and it happened!

In a flash, Su luo tossed that spirit pinball she had wanted to use countless times before, and only to got to use it now into the back of Li Aotian’s collar. When she tossed out the spirit pinball, she also used her spirit power to ignite that spirit pinball.

“Loathsome girl! What did you do!” It would never have occurred to Li Aotian that Su Luo actually still had the strength to resist. He used all of his strength to throw Su Luo, and she was tossed out heavily.

The pitiful Su Luo, still in the form of an ice sculpture, landed heavily on the ground. Because the ground was smooth and flat, and Li Aotian’s strength was also very strong, the pitiful Su Luo immediately slid to the fringe of the public square.

Beyond the fringe of the public square was the endless ocean.

If you were to ask whether Li Aotian was miserable or not…only the words ‘super miserable’ could be used to describe him.

The spirit pinball was a seventh rank expert’s last strike, how formidable was its strength? To say nothing of the fact, that Li Aotian was only a sixth rank.

In fact, when Su Luo tossed that spirit pinball into the back of his neck, he had already realized what it was. It was too late for him to think about it carefully, subconsciously, he ran towards the sea.

With the spirit pinball, only through jumping into water, and utilizing the resistance of water, would he have an opportunity to live.

“Bang——” A loud, violent noise exploded on the surface of the sea.

A joyful feeling flashed through Su Luo’s heart.

Li Aotian, don’t tell me that this time, I still won’t be able to blow you up to death!

But celebrating too soon, things still could go wrong, this sentence came true in Su Luo’s hand, and it was extremely fitting.



1) Golden needles is a type of dried flower known as the citron daylily, that Chinese people use in their stir fry. It is supposed to be good for your health.

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