DKC – Chapter 427

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Chapter 427 – A narrow escape (9)

“Humph! A small third rank dares to resist my Heavenly Dance of Snowfall? Keep dreaming!” Li Aotian stood with his hands behind his back, with an expression of cold indifference and arrogance.

Su Luo only heard a rumbling noise, and endless wind and snow swept towards her, wrapping around her.

So much so, that even her great Dimensional Imprint was also wrapped up in it.

The ground was shaking, nearly all the walls were already covered by white frost.

It was an extremely frightening cold stream with strength sufficient to destroy everything; it nearly couldn’t be resisted.

Almost in the blink of an eye, her great handprint was immediately transformed into dust, vanishing in the air.

Moreover, Su Luo’s entire person then became frozen inside the ice. Afterwards, what emerged before Li Aotian’s eyes was an ice-cold, human-shaped sculpture.

The sculpture shone with white light and flickered in the cold air.

You could clearly see Su Luo within the ice sculpture.

The Su Luo right now had one leg lifted, like the one-legged Golden Rooster stance in Tai Chi. Both of her hands were arranged in a proper fighting stance, and she was frozen in this stance, motionlessly fixed in place. She seemed really miserable, but also very amusing.

At this moment, Li Aotian’s expression was haughty, arrogant and ice-cold.

He walked forward a few steps and with a ghost of a smile, he looked at Su Luo who was frozen inside, the corners of his mouth producing a taunting sneer.

“Loathsome girl! You also have a day like today.” Li Aotian pondered, holding his chin, going around Su Luo, this ice sculpture, in circles. He walked while simultaneously clicking his tongue, “This pose is still very interesting, if this was placed outside for everyone to enjoy, it should also be pretty good.”

Although Su Luo was sealed inside, her ears, however, were not deaf.

She could see her current distressful appearance in Li Aotian’s meaningful glance.

Li Aotian stood in front of Su Luo, and suddenly, a light flashed across his eyes. He thought up an extremely delightful idea.

“Consider you, loathsome girl, as having good luck. This time, I really can’t kill you, that will be a loss for your excellent body.” Li Aotian coldly laughed, “If Nangong Liuyun saw you with a stitch of clothing in a frozen sculpture, that was then placed in the street for people to look, surely, no matter how much he likes you, he also would not want you, such a loathsome girl, again.”

A touch of rage flashed through Su Luo’s heart!

In the beginning, she merely thought that Li Aotian was only icily arrogant, she didn’t expect he would be so perverted. This kind of perverted plan, only he would think of it!

However, no fury could be seen in Su Luo’s eyes.

As far as this plan was concerned, to her, it was not bad. At least, it would give her a final period of time to strive for freedom.

Li Aotian thought a bit more, ultimately, he still decided to temporarily leave Su Luo alive. This was due to the fact that, if he was to directly kill her, it would not be as pleasurable as completely mistreating her.

Li Aotian also didn’t free Su Luo from the ice prison. He merely extended his long arm and easily carried Su Luo, who was shaped like a statue, on his shoulder. Afterwards, he traveled in the direction towards the outside of the palace.

In fact, Su Luo really wanted to ask him out loud, wasn’t he worried about his younger sister?

Could he really allow the Jade Lake’s Fairy to stupidly stay in that Joyous Conjugal Room?

After all, the time limit in this Amethyst Fish Palace was almost at the end.

However, seeing Li Aotian’s completely unconcerned expression, Su Luo just knew that Nangong Liuyun ought to be alright.

Only, she don’t know…if he would be able to keep holding on.

With the Jade Lake’s Fairy’s, that kind of looks, it would not be easy to continue holding on, resisting…

A complicated light flashed through Su Luo’s eyes.

Nonetheless, now, the most important thing was her own safety.

Li Aotian’s notion was so perverted, if her movements were stopped by him, then she might as well smash her head into something to die.

As long as she thought of herself without a stitch of clothing being placed on the street for people to look, Su Luo would feel her scalp go numb.

All of a sudden, Su Luo recalled the last time she was chased to be killed, and what the servant of the Jade Lake’s Fairy had said.

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