DKC – Chapter 429

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Chapter 429 – A new lease on life (1)

Su Luo had celebrated too soon.

Her good luck had all been consumed and used up from before, the remaining was all misfortune.

The spirit pinball exploded with a tremendous might. Li Aotian’s entire person was blown until he couldn’t be seen.

However, Su Luo had overlooked the follow-up to after the spirit pinball exploded, and this follow-up had a huge effect on her.

At the point of explosion, in that split second, one could see that in the surroundings, there was a huge wave immediately overflowing to the sky. It unfurled and swung up a huge mass of ocean spray. A crashing sound echoed, like a wild beast spreading open in all directions.

Before, Su Luo had been heavily thrown away by Li Aotian, moreover, she had slid along the smooth surface of the public square to its fringe.

In fact, at that time, Su Luo already had one foot placed horizontally over the sea surface. With only a slight blow of the wind, like the movement of a blade of grass, she would be blown into the sea water.

Furthermore, right now, it was a huge wave that overflowed to the sky, carrying with it a cold wind that swept towards her!

A shocked, terrified expression flashed through Su Luo’s eyes. Her heart was so regretful that her intestines turned green. Finished, finished…

Those fingers that broke through the layer of ice tenaciously dug into the ground at the fringe of the public square. She simply joined all of her strength and used it. If she let go, she would drop into the sea.

However, it was unfortunate that there were only two fingers that had broken through the layer of ice, and it was not her entire hand. Therefore, its strength seemed very small.

When the screams of each and every ocean spray swept towards her, Su Luo had repeatedly persevered, but she couldn’t continue to persevere on. The fingers broke away from the rock on the shore. Afterwards, she stared on helplessly, as she, in the state of an ice sculpture, with a thunderous splash sound, was directly swept up by the waves of the sea….

The density of ice was lower than seawater, therefore Su Luo, in the state of an ice sculpture, floated on the sea surface and did not directly sink to the seafloor. This was the greatest luck among her misfortune.

But what made her feel painful and tragic was——

The yacht that was just up ahead, was at a distance that was almost within reach.


With one slap from the ocean spray, she watched helplessly as she was washed away. She also looked on helplessly as she floated away in the opposite direction from where the yacht was anchored. She stared blankly as she anticipated her fate, on the verge of being set adrift on the sea surface.

This was simply too heartbreaking, too depressing…Su Luo was so helpless that she almost cried.

The East Sea was vast and had no boundary, only heaven knew where she would be swept to…As long as she thought about this, immediately, two wide, noodle-like bands of tears silently flowed down on the face of the icebound Su Luo.

However, what could merely two of her fingers do? Within this endless sea, she could only resign herself to her fate of drifting among the waves.

In front of mother nature, her tiny speck of strength was completely without the ability to resist.

The pitiful her was completely unaware, that this was merely only the beginning of her misfortune.

Now, it was night-time.

In the lonely night sky, not even the remnant of a star could be seen. Even the dim crescent moon was obstructed by thick layer of clouds. All around, it was pitch-black, you couldn’t even see the fingers on your hand in front of you.

Su Luo’s heart could said to be very sorrowful right now.

Being slapped around by seawater, she was crooked to the east, then fell to the west in total disorder. It was fine if it was only drifting with the waves, but why even the opportunity to lie on the sea surface to enjoy the beautiful night scenery was not given to her?

She didn’t know what direction she was floating towards…Su Luo fell more and more into despair, gradually becoming somewhat sleepy.

Yet, when Su Luo didn’t expect it, an even more tragic thing happened.


A streak of lightning, as fast as a serpent dragon, left behind a harsh radiance when time was about to change in the horizon.

Now, a bad premonition all of a sudden bubbled forth from her heart.

It couldn’t be what she thought it was, right? It couldn’t be that bad, right? Could she just so happen to be in time for the raising waves of a tropical cyclone in the ocean?

However, the most tragic thing didn’t exist, what existed was only even more tragedy.

It could be said that when a person was out of luck, even drinking water, food could get stuck in the cracks between the teeth. Su Luo was just such a model for that kind of person.

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