DKC – Chapter 426

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Chapter 426 – A narrow escape (8)

Now, he was kicked again, this time in his family jewels. At that moment, a new animosity was added to the old hatred. A raging inferno and deep murderous intent flashed through Li Aotian’s eyes.

If he didn’t kill this loathsome girl today, he, Li Aotian, swore he was not human!

Li Aotian endured the sharp pain from the lower part of his body and started to take some strides. With lightning speed, he chased after Su Luo’s back.

Li Aotian’s sixth rank strength, compared to Su Luo’s, was simply as different as night and day. Even though that special placed had been injured, his speed was still very astonishing.

Su Luo ran without stopping.

When she was choosing which path to run on as a way to survive, Su Luo hesitated for a split second, and just picked the fifth passageway.

This was because the other passageways would have magical beast running amok, and although perhaps they could withstand Li Aotian’s attack, she was basically unfamiliar with them.

However, the fifth passageway was different.

The reason being was that she knew, this one had a huge foolish tiger. The huge foolish tiger was an eighth rank in strength, as long as she could run to its side, she would absolutely be safe.

Precisely because she had this kind of faith, therefore Su Luo’s use of the spirit dance steps was simply like a hurricane in speed.

Li Aotian chased at her back, so angry that he was about to curse her mother.

This loathsome girl must have eaten some special medicinal pills, how could her speed be so fast! Totally unable to tell she had the speed of a third rank.

The her right now, was nearly at the speed of a fifth rank!

However, it didn’t matter, this passageway was very long. He had plenty of time to catch her.

Owing to the disparity in their strength, the distance between Li Aotian and Su Luo continuously drew closer. More and more, the gap became smaller, as if nearly in the time it took to reach out a hand, he would close the distance.

Su Luo saw the corner in front of her eyes, and immediately, her heart become joyful.

If she didn’t remember it wrongly, that place was where the huge foolish tiger rested. Before, the huge foolish tiger was located right there!

She was saved!

Su Luo speedily turned that corner and entered.

However, what made her despair was——

Just a moment ago, her persistent motivation since the beginning, that huge foolish tiger she had placed all her hopes on, was unexpectedly missing!

My #@*&%!? !!!

Su Luo secretly cursed in her heart, simply anxious to the extreme.

She had already been prepared to bribe the huge foolish tiger with a huge amount of Celestial Spirit Water, who would have imagined that it unfortunately was not around to enjoy it!

In the second that Su Luo was distracted, Li Aotian had caught up to her for the kill.

This time, Li Aotain simply did not bother to waste words with Su Luo, his expression was solemn as he formed multiple patterns with both hands. All of a sudden, a vast field of white snow appeared behind his back. Endless amounts of ice and snow were floating all around.

The temperature in the surrounding atmosphere, in a flash, dropped to the freezing point. The ice-cold, bone-chilling air were like knives, saturating the air.

Very quickly, Su Luo discovered that the top of her hair and her clothing all had white frost forming.

“As expected, quite formidable!” Su Luo was secretly startled.

She never expected that Li Aotian’s attribute was that of a formidable, powerful, murderous ice system mage!

Now, with the pure white snow and bone-chilling wind, Li Aotian was like a god standing in a field of snowfall. His expression was apathetic, his murderous aura undiminished.

“Heavenly dance of snowfall!” Li Aotian shouted in a loud voice.

Immediately, the endless snow and wind from all around, frantically rushed towards Su Luo.

The snowflakes he condensed, every single one of them was the size of a bowl, with sparkling and translucent six sides. Every side of the snowflakes, flashing with cold light, was as sharp as a dagger.

A countless number of dagger-like snow simultaneously pressed towards Su Luo, almost entirely covering her within it.

An astonished expression flashed through Su Luo’s eyes.

As it turned out, a sixth rank expert had this kind of strength.

Compared to her strength, she simply could not withstand a single blow.

Regardless, things had already reached this point, she had no choice but to go all out!

Su Luo was definitely not someone who would give up easily.

One could see that her expression was coldly focused, a streak of black-colored handprint floated above her head and was rapidly enlarging, warding off things for her who were underneath it.

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