DKC – Chapter 31

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Chapter 31 – An ordinary man is innocent, but having a cherished item would get him into trouble

“What does it mean?” As Su Luo raised her palm sized small face and beautiful eyes that seemed to be filled with sparkling water, it looked very adorable.

In fact, she still had not fully grasped an understanding of this world where only the mighty were respected. She had simply gleaned some knowledge from asking Lu Luo in the past few days.

Nangong Liuyun’s pair of dark translucent eyes glistened. His lips were dark red and moist. Moreover, its devilish charm and soft attractiveness was as red as the bloody red color of the Japanese rose. He carefully restrained her shoulders and stressed each word. “It means that you, Su Luo, in addition to the dual elements of wood and fire, you also possess the space element, now do you understand?”

Nangong Liuyun had a face that was practically full of defeat. He had truly been defeated by Su Luo’s luck.

Space element huh. How rare was it in this continent? It could be described as extinct.

“Space element mage?” Su Luo was somewhat confused. She looked like a curious doll as she earnestly asked. “In this world, wasn’t there only five major elements: wood, fire, wind, water, and lightning? How could there be an additional space element?”

“That’s because, space mages had already disappeared from the continent a few hundred years ago. So later on everybody would just omitted the space element. Thus, what was originally the six major elements became the five major elements.”

Nangong Liuyun was speechless, how could a person’s luck be so good to such an extent?

Innate spiritual talent at the high class purple rank.

Elemental mage of dual attributes.

With the great luck of them being the wood and fire dual elements. Now she could proudly practice to be an Apothecary.

Moreover, she also was a long-lost mage of the space element!

Ah, space element…. just thinking about it would definitely make one drool.

Although there were spatial rings still being passed down in this continent, the spatial ring, a storage device, simply could not be compared to a space mage’s own space. They were two completely different concepts.

Spatial ring was only a device for storage, but if one were to talk about a spage mage, his space is contained within his body. It would be comparable to making their own world. Additionally, this small world would gradually grow larger along with its owner’s cultivation. In the end, nobody could tell to what extent it could become.

Another point was that in this world, only space mages were about to produce spatial rings.

Since space mages disappeared from the continent, the spatial rings were currently exceptionally expensive.

Take Eastern Ling Empire for example. In the entire Eastern Ling Empire, only his majesty the Emperor had a spatial ring that only had a small area for storage.

This was the so-called an ordinary man is innocent, but having a cherished item would get him into trouble.

If people were informed that this girl was actually a space mage, in all probability, the continent’s numerous powerful forces would act at once upon hearing this news, and vie to be the first to snatch her.

And it was not only the well known and influential forces, there were some hidden aristocratic families who would not be able to resist the temptation of monopolizing her.

After all, if they had a space mage, then it would mean the birth of new spatial rings. Although this is a matter further in the future, the thing these aristocratic families do not lack are time and patience.

Su Luo literally has a mountain of treasure at her disposal but was currently powerless to defend it. Fortunately, the only people who are currently aware of this matter were the two of them.

Nangong Liuyun solemnly said to Su Luo. “Girl, this Dragon Ring matter, you absolutely can not let anyone know. Otherwise, even this king would not be able to protect you.”

Su Luo was an assassin in her previous life, so it was natural for her to know about the complexity of human nature and their greed. She nodded her head and seriously replied. “I will naturally not speak about it. But what is the relationship between the Dragon Ring and my problem with my wood and fire dual elemental power?”

“The relationship between them is complicated. Simply put, your space element is excessively potent, thus it suppressed your dual elements. So right now, there is no way for you to cultivate. Once your space appears, this ought to be resolved.”

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