DKC – Chapter 30

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Chapter 30 – The Dragon Ring’s approval

“Don’t change the subject.” Su Luo realized that her own thoughts had been steered far from the main topic. She quickly returned to the main topic, and continue to question him. “How do you know about the Dragon Ring situation? Also, what’s happening in my body actually has something to do with the Dragon Ring?”

“It’s related, it’s strongly related.” Nangong Liuyun’s gentle voice was also tinted with a hint of roguish charm. He indulgently reclined on the chair and stared at Su Luo like an idling Lord. “So thirsty.”

This was clearly getting to the crucial point, and then putting on an air.

Su Luo could not stand this guy’s behaviour and snorted. But her face was overflowing with a smile that become increasing more brilliant. She cheerfully poured boiling water into a decrepit porcelain teacup. “I don’t have tea leaves, only boiled water, please make do and drink it.”

“Let whom drink water?” Nangong Liuyun crossed his legs while smiling coarsely and charmingly.

This stupid arrogant show off was really hard to wait upon.

Su Luo cursed him in her heart, but her smile became even more dazzling. “Your highness Prince Jin, please drink some water.”

Who would have expected that Nangong Liuyun would be so petty to even bother. He arrogantly waved his hands and childishly tilted his head away while carrying a tone of dislike. “Not intimate enough.”

This guy…!

Su Luo grinded her teeth. Her smile became even more dazzling as she stressing each syllable. “Nangong Liuyun, will you drink now?”

“Liuyun or Yun.” Nangong Liuyun lazily threw out a suggestion.

Su Luo’s hand fold into fists, and dropped the teacup on the table with a “thump”. She crossed her hands over her chest and languidly shoot him a glance. “Finish playing yet?” Does he really think that he wass her lord?

Seeing that Su Luo was no longer cooperating, Nangong Liuyun unexpectedly moved closer with impatience and happily smiled as he hugged her. “This Luo Luo girl is really stingy. Not even a bit of fun.”

“Then go find some girl who’s fun.” Su Luo ignored him, and then turned her head away.

“How could that be possible? This king will only pester you.” Nangong Liuyun’s entire face smiled foolishly with a shameless “I won’t retaliate when hit and won’t retort back when cursed” look on his face.

Him acting this way, made it impossible for Su Luo to get mad.

She instantly glanced back and fixedly stared at Nangong Liuyun.

Was this really that rumored legendary callous, devilishly charming, powerful, and despotic Prince Jin?

Was this really that Nangong Liuyun who could effortlessly annihilate anything?

Was this also the second prince of Eastern Ling who had developed an advanced stage of mysophobia where a stranger could not get close? Where a light punishment would be a chopped hand, and a heavy punishment where they would become mincemeat?

This alluring and devilish charming, lazy and lecherous, all smiles, sloppy appearance, was truly truly, that aloof and remote super talented person?

This was not logical!

Has this guy’s soul also been switched? Su Luo speculated and was unable to stop herself from staring at him.

Due to Su Luo’s unblinking gaze, Nangong Liuyun’s heart become apprehensive. He shivered a little and weakly asked: “What do you want to do?”

“I want to dissect you and have a look to see if your soul has been switched.” Su Luo sullenly replied.


“What are you ehing about? Can you start explaining it now? What exactly is the relationship between the Dragon Ring and what happened to my body? You are not allowed to keep me in suspense.” Su Luo, who was always being lead by his pace of changing the subject, looked completely at a loss.

Nangong Liuyun also felt that he teased her enough for today. If he continued teasing this girl, this girl would definitely go ballistic.

He moved to Su Luo’s side and stared at her with eyes that contained a hint of envy. “In fact, speaking of this matter it is really complicated. There really are stupid people with stupid luck.”

If comparing luck, under the heavens who could say that their luck was better than Su Luo’s?

Looking at Su Luo’s expectant gaze, Nangong Liuyun mysteriously smiled. “Girl, do you even know what the approval of the Dragon Ring means?”

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  1. Lomah says:

    “Girl, do you even know what the approval of the Dragon Ring means?” It means I have to wait another chapter to find out 😛

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    Ze cliffhanger and first?

    • Jawke says:

      Thank you for the translation I really enjoy this story even if I don’t always comment(my cellphone wont save my settings for name and email).

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    Being kept in suspense is not good for my (excited) heart XD
    I really adore their banter 🙂

    Thanks for the double releases!

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    Yes cliffy are hard on the stomach!

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    Cute ppl bein cute, keep on keep on

  6. Leafy says:

    …………. I waited and waited for the next chapter, thinking that maybe i’d find out (finally) what’s wrong with her. When the next two chapters come out, all it says is “The dragon ring and your soul merged because of the Dragon Ring’s approval. Do you know what this means?”……. GAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! IT DID NOT NEED TWO CHAPTERS TO TELL ME THIS!!!!!! *Destroys a few cities before calming down and begins crying*

    Lol Jk jk but really…..I like the cuteness and all, but being held in suspense this long just lowers the tension….Anyways, Thanks for the chapters! Hope i can finally find out what is truly going on in the next chapter.

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    It’s nice that this story is developing really slowly with lots of details….but the suspense after every chapter can KILL!! DX

    Thanks for the chapter!!

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    This is definitely a demon king! The suspense! He’s even being cruel to the readers!

    But somehow he’s still an M.

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  11. Yanie says:

    Jeng jeng jeng..he’s turn out to be an s, but only m for su luo…double fun for this chapter…i find it enlightening since it’s so blur using google translate….wkwkwkw..

  12. libraryrocker says:

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    This story is pretty enjoyable. I’m looking forward to her rise

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