DKC – Chapter 32

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Chapter 32 – What a sharp girl

“What are the conditions that will make my stupid space appear?” Su Luo was extremely confused and anxious.

If it does not appear in this lifetime, then doesn’t it mean that she couldn’t cultivate for her entire lifetime?

It looks like disaster and good luck would always go hand in hand. It is impossible for one to repeatedly get good things.

Nangong Liuyun laughed crookedly. This laugh had a crafty and sinister quality in it. “To say that this matter is difficult is not difficult. To say it’s easy, is not that easy.”

“Stop keeping me in suspense.” Su Luo lazily raised her eyebrow.

“To open your space, you must have three things. One, Spatial Grass. Two, Celestial Spirit Water. And three, the blood of a dragon.. If you collect all three items, then you can open your space.” Nangong Liuyun’s deep gaze started to give off a demonic gleam that was dazzlingly beautiful and devilishly charming.

Su Luo’s fine eyebrows tightened.“What are these three items? Where can they be found?”

Where could she, the unfavored daughter of a mistress, find a spatial whatever grass and the blood of a dragon?

“I have already brought the spatial grass. As for the dragon’s blood, there are Armored Back Dragons in the Sunset Mountain Range. We’ll find some time to go slay a dragon. As for this Celestial Spirit Water…” Nangong Liuyun paused a little as a nefarious and charming smile appeared, enticingly stared at her with a hidden meaning. “It is in fact as far away as the end of the earth, yet is also right in front of your eyes.”

“Oh? Could it be in Su Manor?” Su Luo’s curly, thick silky black eyelashes fluttered like butterfly wings. She looked as beautiful and naughty as a fine porcelain doll.

She did not even have half a favorable impression of the Su Manor. If really was here, then it would just be simple and convenient.

Nangong Liuyun’s smile seemed to be able to charm all living things; it was enchanting and wild. He looked confident and at ease as he waved a fan. “What a smart girl. You hit the mark with one guess. The Celestial Spirit Water just happens to be inside your Su Manor, and it’s also Su Manor most heavily guarded treasure.”

“If it’s actually here, what are we waiting for? There’s no time to lose.” Su Luo’s clear eyes lightly smiled again.

Since it’s Su Manor’s precious treasure, then she won’t be impolite and kindly accept it.

“You’re going to find your honored father to ask for it?” Nangong Liuyun’s beautiful pair of eyes harbored a sinister charm.

A breeze gently brushed away Su Luo’s beautiful jet black hair, making her seemed almost gentle, beautiful and sweet tempered. But the expression in her eyes was as incomparably apathetic as before. The words she said matched her expression. “Ask for it? How could I asked for it? I’m obviously going to steal it.”

“That’s actually not necessary. You can just tell your honorable father that you have wood and fire as dual elements and is a future space mage. Once he knows that, he’ll be happy for you. Then wouldn’t the Celestial Spirit Water would be handed to you?”

“Are you seriously stupid or are you pretending to be stupid?” Su Luo hit him without reservation. “I don’t know if you’re actually stupid but I’m certainly not stupid. My family’s honorable father is cold, detached, unkind, and selfish without regard for others. Forget about whether or not he would actually believe my words, so what if if he believed them? In his heart I’m only a tool to be exchanged at for his benefit. As long as someone is wealthy enough to give an offer that can tempt him, he would not hesitate to sell me. Also, Nangong Liuyun, don’t use this method to incite me. It’s meaningless.”

“What a sharp girl.” Suddenly, Nangong Liuyun’s gentle laugh appeared. The sound was kind, indolent, and extremely pleasant to hear. While laughing, he used his fan to gently tap Su Luo’s bright forehead.

As expected, this girl did not disappoint him.

If it was a normal girl who had been bullied for more than ten years, who woke up one morning to find out that her innate talent was actually extraordinary and peerless under the heavens, the first thing she would do was announce it to the whole world.

But Su Luo, she was the same,

Yet with her kind of unwavering determination and patient nature, he was certain that she would walk very very far in the distant future…

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