DKC – Chapter 1668

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Chapter 1668 – After getting what you wished for (6)

After Zi Yan got the Liu Guang Sword, she lovingly played with it in her hand. Her gaze seemed to be embedded on the sword’s body, unable to pull away no matter what.

Beichen Ying looked at this Liu Guang Sword, and his saliva flowed out, wishing he would snatch it and put it in his arms, not allowing anyone to look at it.

Wind attribute Liu Guang Sword, wasn’t it made specifically for him?

When Zi Yan lifted her eyes, she saw Beichen Ying’s appearance with saliva flowing out. Suddenly, her heart started to be tangled…. This Liu Guang Sword, although she also liked it, even if she didn’t have the attribute, being able to look at it as a display was also okay, but….

Zi Yan lowered her head and saw the Purple Wings that had recognized her as owner when her blood dripped on it. She silently sighed, then she reluctantly used both hands to hand the Liu Guang Sword to Beichen Ying: “Take it, take it.”

“Really giving it to me?” Beichen Ying snatched over the Liu Guang Sword in one move. He lovingly stroked it while cautiously asking Zi Yan.

“Then what?” Zi Yan humphed in annoyance, “Give you Liu Guang Sword, the favor from the Purple Wings is considered to be finished. Then I won’t owe you a favor, do you memorize it?”

Her Purple Wings was ranked number 9, while Liu Guang Sword was ranked 7. Speaking of this, it was her who lost on this deal.

But don’t know what’s up with the gods. Beichen Ying actually drew the Purple Wings that was suited to her, while she drew the Liu Guang Sword that was suited for Beichen Ying? This forced them to exchange prizes.

Su Luo looked at the Purple Wings, then looked at the Liu Guang Sword, and suddenly laughed.

“Why are you laughing?” Zi Yan saw Su Luo laughing like a thief, and gloomily asked.

“Are you guys exchanging engagement tokens?” Su Luo pointed at Liu Guang Sword than pointed at Zi Yan’s Purple Wings, “One gives the other Purple Wings, the other gifted back Liu Guang Sword. Such precious things, aren’t these engagement tokens?”

Su Luo said this, and Beichen Ying and Zi Yan’s faces were like burning clouds of fire.

“What nonsense are you saying! This is by chance, don’t you understand by chance!” Zi Yan said this loudly and fiercely, “Since the gods insist on arranging it like this, what can we do?”

Zi Yan secretly cursed, don’t know what’s wrong with the gods, wouldn’t letting her draw Purple Wings and Beichen Ying draw Liu Guang Sword be better? Why make it so complicated, for what reason?

Who knew Su Luo would add very smoothly, as she smilingly said: “That’s right ah, the gods insist on arranging it like this, don’t know what it’s meaning oh.”

“Su Luo!” Zi Yan panted in rage, wanting to thump Su Luo, while the other giggled and ran away. The two laughed while causing a ruckus, the atmosphere was very harmonious.

Li Aochen looked at the Liu Guang Sword in Beichen Ying’s hand, and a strong envy flashed through his eyes. Each of them had all drawn something good, only he alone didn’t get any benefit. As long as he recalled this, the envy in Li Aochen’s heart was like a ignited raging inferno.

Beichen Ying and Zi Yan both got what they wanted, as a result, they set aside all the remaining chances to draw for Su Luo.

Su Luo asked Nangong Liuyun, but Nangong Liuyun only smilingly patted her head. In a gentle and spoiling tone, he said: “I like to watch you play.”

Su Luo raised her palm-sized little face, and smiled at Nangong Liuyun: “Okay, I will definitely draw number 1 for you.”

Number 1 was 《Dark Element Rules》this series of books is composed of three books, ordered as top, middle and bottom. Not like Su Luo’s, that only had the top and bottom two books. Now that Nangong Liuyun had activated the dark element, these series of books were very important to him. Because you simply couldn’t find any books that helped in dark element cultivation in this world. Su Luo had asked Master before, but even Grandmaster Rong Yun had shaken his head, expressing he had no way to get one.

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