DKC – Chapter 1667

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Chapter 1667 – After getting what you wished for (5)

Zi Yan shook her head, unsteadily, she stood up from in front of the prize-drawing machine and was about to leave: “In any case, I won’t be able to draw anything, so may as well not draw anymore. Really cannot continue to lose face….”

Before Zi Yan could leave, Beichen Ying grabbed her, stopping her. He pulled her back to in front of the prize-drawing machine. Using an upright tone, he said: “Draw! Must draw! If you’ve finished drawing all your chances, there is still mine! I’ll give you my portion, this grandpa doesn’t believe your luck can be bad to that degree!”

Su Luo also urged: “Beichen Ying is right, if you still can’t draw anything, I’ll give you my portion too.”

Zi Yan’s heart was moved, so she bit her teeth and nodded: “Then, then I’ll just draw this last chance. If I don’t get anything, then I really won’t draw again!”

Finished speaking, Zi Yan carefully pressed the start button. Her gaze stared firmly at the numbers that rolled across the screen.

These numbers were fast as lightning, before people could see, they clearly flashed by. If someone was to calculate the number then pressed the stop button, that would also be futile.

“What number do you want to draw?” Su Luo smilingly asked.

“Don’t know, as long as it’s not number 99. The rest, I like them all.” Zi Yan’s hope had already been placed very low.

“If you could draw number 7, then that would be good…” Su Luo looked at the shelf and said in a low tone.

Number 7 on the shelf was Liu Guang Sword, second only to Cheng Ying and Chi Xiao, an exceptional good sword. Moreover, it was a wind attribute sword which was most suitable for Beichen Ying.

Beichen Ying unhappily humphed: “Do you think her luck would be that good? I don’t believe it.”

Su Luo spread out both hands: “Who knows, the Gods always like to surprise people.”

Now, Zi Yan’s gaze was staring fixedly at the screen, unblinking. In the end, she took a deep breath, tightly closed her eyes, and afterwards, her finger pressed down heavily on the stop button.

One only heard a heavy sound, and the rolling numbers gradually began to slow down. It stopped in the end.

When she saw the number it finally stopped at, Su Luo speechlessly rubbed her chin… when did her mouth become so effective?

Beichen Ying silently looked at that number, then silently looked at Su Luo. He wanted to say something, but didn’t know what to say.

Only Zi Yan, when she saw the number on the screen, her entire person almost jumped up. She shot towards Su Luo with flying speed and gave her a tight bear hug. She encircled Su Luo in her arms and jumped up and down excitedly: “Luo Luo! It’s not number 99! This time, it really isn’t number 99! Wow!!!”

“That’s right. It’s not number 99, but rather number 7. The first 11 times of bad luck was just for this time’s good fortune. Quickly, go pick up the prize.” Su Luo laughingly patted Zi Yan on the shoulder.

“Okay, okay, okay!!!” Zi Yan fiercely nodded. Afterwards, skipping around, she walked to in front of the shelf, “Number 7 is more towards the front, don’t know what good thing it is.”

While speaking, Zi Yan also looked at Li Aochen provocatively.

Li Aochen, panting in rage, turned his face away and said in an ice-cold tone: “Drawing 12 times before getting a treasure, what’s so prideworthy about it?”

Zi Yan unhurriedly retorted back: “You don’t even have the qualification to draw 12 times, what position do you have to look down upon me?”

“You!” Li Aochen was immediately choked off, with nothing to say. Because in fact, he didn’t have the capital nor qualification to draw 11 times. Even if he was jealous, it was still in vain. Also, because of this, Li Aochen’s heart was full of more fire.

“Number 7, number 7…, Liu Guang Sword ah!” Zi Yan screeched in surprise, “Wind attribute Liu Guang Sword, such a beautiful sword!”

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