DKC – Chapter 1521

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Chapter 1521 – The last battle (1)

Su Luo and Zi Yan lied on top of the wall, holding their breaths with rapt attention and looking down carefully.

Before, Li Yaoyao was sent flying by one slap from Zi Yan, her body then flew out the window and crashed to the ground. Now, she was just lying like that, naked on the wide street. Her shining white body gave off an alluring and enchanting gloss under the moonlight.

Li Yaoyao was dazed from that slap, so at this moment, both of her eyes were closed as she lost consciousness.

Not far away, a figure flew over but didn’t stop.

This guy that flew by was the first-ranked guy Su Luo sensed before.

“What a pity, just like this, to let him go.” Zi Yan held her chin with both hands as she gave a long sigh of regret.

Su Luo patted her head: “Do your thoughts have to be so wicked?”

In fact, Su Luo smiled even more wickedly than Zi Yan.

“Do you know what I wish for the most right now?” Zi Yan shook her head and very proudly said with a smile.

“What?” Su Luo laid side by side with her on the roof, gaze looking at the naked Li Yaoyao lying there and found the time to glance at Zi Yan.

“I really wish that a beggar would appear from the corner of the street. This beggar must be very dirty, and extremely ugly, looking like a person that hasn’t washed for several years. Messy hair and dirty face, it’s best that he’s also injured with festered sores that ooze pus.” While Zi Yan excitedly described this, she also nodded her head in satisfaction.

Su Luo unhappily jabbed Zi Yan’s forehead: “Little girl, it’s not good like this you know?”

Zi Yan pursed her lips and smile: “Don’t tell me you aren’t thinking like this in your heart?”

Su Luo smiled until her eyes curved: “Being aware of it is good enough, must you say it out loud?”

The people talked and laughed. The pitiful Li Yaoyao laid on the icy ground, naked, bathing in the moonlight.

“Oh! You look, you look, what is that?!” Zi Yan, all of a sudden, was excited and grabbed Su Luo’s hand, pointing to a darkish shadow at a corner up ahead.

At this moment, that figure had just turned a corner and was slowly walking this way.

Su Luo was first shocked, then she trembled slightly from head to toe. Finally, with a ‘pfft’, she laughed out loud.

Was Zi Yan’s mouth made of gold? Whatever she said will happen?

Heading directly towards them was the extremely dirty, ugly, messy hair with dirty face beggar that hadn’t washed for several years from Zi Yan’s mouth!

Now, Zi Yan was also dumbfounded, a pair of jet-black, clear eyes were opened very wide.

“Maybe a crow’s beak?” Su Luo asked, making fun of her. Like a crow’s beak, really accurate ah.

“This… I was merely just saying it casually ah.” Zi Yan explained in a low tone. However, immediately after, the expression on her face became more excited, “Really looking forward to the plot following this. Don’t let people be disappointed!”

As a result, the two gossipy girls with pitch-black eyes that flashed with light concentrated their attention on that dirty beggar wearing a sack and holding a broken bowl in his hands.

Walking closer, one could tell this beggar was about forty to fifty years old. One leg was somewhat lame, exposing a sinister wound. That wound was covered densely with sores, oozing pus. It looked really nauseating.

His head had always been lowered as he limped forward.

Just at this moment, suddenly, he stepped on something, stumbled and almost fell.

“What things?” The beggar’s gaze looked down, using the bright as water moonlight, he could clearly see that he had stepped on a scarlet cloth.


The beggar’s eyes suddenly light up, a lusty feeling that he had suppressed for many years suddenly rushing up to his head.

The beggar lowered his head and furtively picked up this erotic red dudou. He placed it in front of his nose and sniffed it carefully, afterwards, he gave a coarse sound of satisfaction.

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