DKC – Chapter 1520

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Chapter 1520 – Showdown between experts (8)

The so-called an army burning with righteous indignation would win, this was the same reasoning.

Therefore, Su Luo decided to let Li Yaoyao’s head stay on her neck for a few days.

“Don’t tell me, just let her go like this?” Zi Yan pulled at Su Luo, refusing to go.

Zi Yan already felt Li Yaoyao was offensive to her eyes for quite some time. Now, if she was to let such a good opportunity go, don’t know if there would be another chance to get revenge.

“This time, can’t kill her.” This was Su Luo’s bottom line.

“Cannot kill doesn’t mean cannot thrash!” Zi Yan was really unwilling to let go, but there was nothing she could do. She took two quick steps towards Li Yaoyao, her eyes cold, “Li Yaoyao!”

Li Yaoyao subconsciously lifted her eyes towards her, her eyes holding both anger and distrust.

“Slap!” Zi Yan heavily slapped her face, “This slap is for me!”

Met with Li Yoayao’s confused gaze, Zi Yan smiled sternly and said in a frosty tone: “Don’t tell me you forgot, these past years, how many times you maliciously accused me in front of the several senior brothers!”

Only Third Senior Brother did not believe Li Yaoyao’s lies. The other two senior brothers were like brainless idiots, believing everything Li Yaoyao told them, so their impression of Zi Yan was always bad.

This slap, half of Li Yaoyao’s face swelled up, turning red.

Li Yoayao cried out in pain, but it was obvious that Zi Yan still wasn’t finished venting her rage.

She pulled her other hand back and slapped again.


The sound was clear and crisp, making people who heard it feel happy.

The other side of Li Yaoyao’s face swelled up too, now symmetrical with the other side. It looked like two red apples, seemingly very joyous.

“This slap is for the duped Second Senior Brother!” Zi Yan snorted coldly several times, “Second Senior Brother was foolish, stupid and silly, only when he was dying did he see your true colors. But he had no way to slap you, so I’ll do it for him!”

“Zi Yan!” Li Yoayao’s voice was sharp as she howled.

She was dizzy from Zi Yan’s slaps, her eyes turned clockwise like a hypnotic spiral.

Now, she felt the hot pain on her cheeks.

If she had spirit power, she could completely disregard this pain. But now, she was a good-for-nothing, a good-for-nothing with no spirit force, so she could feel the pain clearly.

Originally, she thought that Zi Yan was done with slapping her. Who knows, Zi Yan slapped her again: “You think I could leave your face symmetrical? Hmph, no way!”

This slap, Zi Yan used thirty percent of her power, sending Li Yaoyao directly flying out!

Li Yaoyao’s naked body flew out from the window, and landed on the opposite roof, then, she slowly rolled down and landed on a large street.

Su Luo’s mouth curled speechlessly.

Zi Yan… did all the things she wanted to do.

She originally wanted to shatter the room, and make the naked Li Yaoyao rush out of the room. But Zi Yan’s method, saved time, saved strength and was environmentally-friendly.

Su Luo gave Zi Yan a thumbs up.

Zi Yan lifted her eyebrows complacently: “How can I let her off so easy?”

Su Luo smilingly shook her head, looks like Zi Yan had accumulated deep grievances against Li Yaoyao.

But once you think about it, Li Yaoyao and Zi Yan were in Purgatory City at the same time. After so many years, having this white lotus flower Li Yaoyao by her side, Zi Yan would have definitely been bullied miserably.

Just at this moment, slight sounds of footsteps could be heard coming from outside.

Su Luo and Zi Yan exchanged a glance.

“A man’s footsteps.” Su Luo’s always accurate perception, “moreover, strength of first rank.”

“Walking towards the naked Li Yaoyao?” Zi Yan blinked her eyes.

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