DKC – Chapter 1522

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Chapter 1522 – The last battle (2)

Really fragrant, such a strong, enticing smell.

The beggar’s eyes were blurred, his mind almost flying away.

His lust had been suppressed for too long, just this dudou made his blood rush up. He itched to immediately find release and satisfaction.

On the roof Su Luo and Zi Yan exchanged a glance, seeing the knowing look in each other’s eyes.

“This beggar seems really vulgar.” Zi Yan lowered her voice, in a whisper, she commented on this scene.

“Yes, looks like he won’t do something melodramatic like take off his cloth to cover Li Yaoyao then guard at her side until she wakes up.” Su Luo expressed her agreement to Zi Yan’s sharp comment.

“Only like this would it be marvelous, hehehe——” Schadenfreude-like laughter came from Zi Yan’s mouth.

Li Yaoyao ah Li Yaoyao, this night will definitely be engraved in your mind and be unforgettable for the rest of your life.

Aren’t you the fairy that was above the vulgarity of common people? Aren’t you noble, proud and aloof? Aren’t your flesh made of ice and bones made from jade? Then let the dirtiest and most vulgar beggar in the world tarnish you.

After you wake up and learn about this matter…what would you be like? Zi Yan, because of excessive expectations, her little face became red.

Under the two people’s eagar glances, that beggar stealthily stuffed the dudou embroidered with Li Yaoyao’s name into his filthy and stinky sack clothing. Then, he lifted his eyes and furtively glanced around.

If he didn’t glance around, then afterwards, Li Yaoyao might still preserve some of the modesty that she was proudest of. But this glance from the beggar thoroughly pushed Li Yaoyao into a painful abyss.

The beggar saw at a glance that white alluring figure not far away.

A woman?!!!

The beggar’s eyes were brighter than the North Star in the sky.

He tossed aside the dirty sack on his body and the broken bowl. That limp seemed to have healed in a split second, his speed was as fast as the wind, frantically running towards that body.

He ran to the front of that body, the saliva at the corner of his mouth dripping down. He was so excited, his whole body shuddered even both of his legs were trembling.

Good, such a beautiful body.

A really good-looking miss!

This body was white as jade, sleek and exquisite. Her curves were agreeable, nimble and delicate, giving off a strong allure and attractiveness.

The beggar swallowed his saliva with difficulty, furtively looking all around.

This place was somewhat isolated, and somewhat obscure. It was blocked by the wide wall. If you didn’t look carefully, you wouldn’t discover anything.

Looking at this glossy and sparkling body, the beggar shuddered from head to toe. His blood vessels opened up energetically. The blood of a beast flared up in his body. He was itching to immediately rush up and do this beautiful and pure as a fairy of a miss!

But the beggar looked at himself, then looked at the unconscious miss. His heart felt deeply inferior.

But if he was just to leave like this, he wasn’t willing ah.

He squatted down. His trembling fingers stroked that bright and jadelike body, saliva dripping down to the ground.

This milk-like skin felt so moist and softer than silk. Really like it, really like it….The beggar’s face looked drunk as his hand slowly moved up…

Suddenly, his eyes were fixed on Li Yaoyao’s body.

This fair skin were full of purple and blue marks. These marks were very clear.

Although the baggar didn’t have much experience, he could still understand from one glance that this miss had just experienced that matter!

“Slut!” As if the goddess in the beggar’s heart was profaned, his rage soared. As if his eyes were misted over by flames, panting in rage, he pinched the the soft mounts on Li Yaoyao’s chest.

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