DKC – Chapter 1519

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Chapter 1519 – Showdown between experts (7)

Upon hearing Zi Yan’s words, Li Yaoyao’s face drained of color, her body shivering painfully.

“Why are you putting on such an expression? Before, didn’t you express liking your family’s senior brother? Now, pretending like this, who are you trying to show this to?” Zi Yan sized up Li Yaoyao’s figure, “Tsk tsk, so black and purple, as if the battle was very intense ah.”

Poor Li Yaoyao, long dress was ripped into strips, dudou was tossed onto a tree, the only underpants were ripped into a shapeless mess, there was nothing on the bed to cover herself with.

She wanted to rush up and rip of that Zi Yan’s sharp mouth, but she didn’t dare get up. She could only curl up into herself, and angrily glare at Zi Yan like a sworn enemy.

“Why are you glaring at me like this? Who knows, if you were the one who seduced Dongfang Xuan, then turned around to pretend to be innocent, making him take responsibility.” Zi Yan humphed twice.

“Shut up! Shut up!” Li Yaoyao covered her ears, unable to listen any longer.

What did she mean, seduce Dongfang Xuan? Clearly she was forced, alright? She lost her most precious virginity, okay? Zi Yan said that as if she was a cheap slut!

Zi Yan hummed: “What are you arguing about? Afraid that other people won’t know that in order to secure a backer, Jade Lake’s Li family’s princess went and climbed in the other person’s bed in the middle of the night?

“You—— “ Li Yaoyao was angered until a mouthful of blood got stuck in her throat, couldn’t go up nor down, she almost fainted because of being suffocated.

“Me, what me? What I just said, isn’t it the truth? You, as a good-for-nothing, you think Senior Brother will fall for you? Stop dreaming.” Zi Yan imitated Li Yaoyao’s tone at that time, returning these words back to her.

Su Luo, who stood on the side, heard this and with a ‘pfft’, let out a laugh.

Zi Yan mimicking that tone was really too similar.

Li Yaoyao was so angry that she sprayed out a mouthful of blood.

Hateful! Hateful! Too hateful!! If she had the strength, she would definitely tear up that mouth of Zi Yan’s!

No, it didn’t matter that she didn’t have the strength, Senior Brother has it, she certainly will ask Senior Brother…

Senior Brother… Li Yaoyao recalled the things Senior Brother did to her before, and immediately, her whole body withered, just the little cabbage hit by frost, wanting to weep but lacking the tears.

“Luo Luo, should we take this opportunity…” Zi Yan made a snapping gesture towards Su Luo.

Because Li Yaoyao was too vile, too hateful. Second Elder Brother died to save her, his remains were hardly cold, yet she was now tangled up with Senior Brother. At the same time, she still thought of Third Elder Brother and wanted to kill Su Luo.

Su Luo’s gaze looked towards Li Yaoyao.

In the moonlight, Su Luo could clearly see Li Yaoyao’s sinister gaze in the darkness.

Li Yaoyao was like a venomous snake, at anytime, she would rush up to bite. Such people, if you don’t pull them out by the roots, they will come back with the spring wind again.

She and Jade Lake’s Li family were already mortal enemies, there would be a day she would kill all the way to Jade Lake Palace, and avenge herself for being repeatedly chased to be killed.

As for Li Yaoyao——

In the dark night, Su Luo’s mouth curled into a chilling smile.

Kill Li Yaoyao?

Making it too cheap for her.

Now, Su Luo maintained her composure and shook her head, saying to Zi Yan: “Let’s go, there’s nothing good to see here.”

“Just gonna go like this?” Zi Yan found it hard to believe.

Such a great opportunity, Su Luo would let Li Yaoyao go? How can this be?

“Tomorrow is Nangong and Dongfang Xuan’s battle, if we kill Li Yaoyao now, we would incite all of Dongfang Xuan’s rage, then——“ A cold meaning shone in Su Luo’s eyes, “then tomorrow’s fight would be very unfavorable to Nangong.”

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