DKC – Chapter 1518

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Chapter 1518 – Showdown between experts (6)

“There’re words on it!” Zi Yan spread out the dudou, using the bright moonlight to light up the surface with the words. Her gaze went towards the writing, in an instant, both of them went still.

“Li Yaoyao.”

The two spoke in unison, using a bewildered expression to look at each other.

“Li Yaoyao’s dudou???” Su Luo’s eyes opened wide.

“So it…..seems.” Zi Yao was somewhat uncertain.

Li Yaoyao was Jade Lake’s Li family’s beloved daughter. Regardless, how could her dudou fly to the top of the tree to hang there? Even more, this dudou had a male scent that still hadn’t completely dispersed.

Just at this moment, a weak voice came from inside the courtyard.

Su Luo and Zi Yan both looked at each other in dismay.

“It’s a female’s voice.”

“Inside Dongfang Xuan’s room, a female’s voice, and added to that, Li Yaoyao’s dudou?” Su Luo rubbed her chin, full of interest.

Interesting, very interesting.

The two looked at each other, their gazes full of smiles.

Since it was Li Yaoyao’s dudou, Zi Yan naturally wouldn’t want to hold it. She didn’t even have to think before tossing the dudou to the ground and stepping on it several times.

“Go, let’s go have a look.” Su Luo brought Zi Yan and flew over the wall, like a wisp of smoke, they ran into the room.

Because the aura of a strong presence had already disappeared in the distance, it was obvious, that little stone had very nicely drawn Dongfang Xuan away.

Su Luo walked in the front, Zi Yan in the back.

The door was pushed open.

Su Luo stood in the doorway, using the moonlight that poured in, she could clearly see the figure in the bed leaning against the wall.

Li Yaoayo laid on the bed, face up, like a dead fish.

Her hair was a mess, her whole body was battered and exhausted.

This.. Su Luo stopped in place, her eyes flashing.

“Why are you blocking the door? Why aren’t you going in to look?” After learning that Dongfang Xuan was not here, Zi Yan’s courage immediately became fat, she pushed Su Luo a step forward and entered sideways around Su Luo.

At this time, the lethargic Li Yaoyao was roused by the voices, and she opened her eyes slowly.

Su Luo?!

After clearly seeing the figure in front of her, Li Yaoyao’s whole body trembled violently, her face was panic-stricken, terrified as if had seen the devil.

“Su, Su, Su Luo!” Li Yaoyao suddenly sat up, her action swift and hurried.

Su Luo had her arms crossed at her chest, her chin raised slightly, the corners of her mouth curving into a faint smile: “Li Yaoyao, if I remember correctly, this is Dongfang Xuan’s courtyard, no?”

Panic and fear appeared on Li Yaoyao’s face!

Dongfang Xuan!

In her mind, in a flash, she recalled the memories from before…

Her most humiliating, most embarrassing, most unbearable moment, was completely spread out in front of her most loathed, most envied and most hated person. This simply was more painful than killing her.

“Get lost! Get lost! All of you get out!” Li Yaoyao grabbed the pillow nearby and tossed it at Su Luo’s head in a splitting rage.

A pity that the current Yaoyao didn’t have a trace of spirit strength left. For Su Luo, she was not even as strong as an infant.

Su Luo didn’t even need to dodge, that pillow couldn’t reach anywhere near her.

Zi Yan felt more and more Schadenfreude: “Hahaha, Li Yaoyao, you were bedded by Dongfang Xuan right? Does your family know you did such a shameless thing?”

In ancient times, such tough as nails words could only be said by a miss like Zi Yan.

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