DKC – Chapter 1517

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Chapter 1517 – Showdown between experts (5)

“Since Senior insists on acting, then this younger generation won’t be polite either!” Dongfang Xuan was furious over having his good thing being interrupted, now, Elder Ancestor Mo directly moved against him. His temperament had always been strong, how could he endure it?

Therefore, Dongfang Xuan immediately engaged in a fight with Elder Ancestor Mo.

After engaging, Dongfang Xuan’s heart moved slightly.

Elder Ancestor Mo’s strength clearly was already at the saint rank, but now, he felt the opponent only used commander level strength, what’s going on?

Could it be…

Dongfang Xuan’s heart suddenly rejoiced!

Could it be that Elder Ancestor Mo didn’t come to kill him, but to visit and instruct him? This possibility was the greatest!

Dongfang Xuan’s heart rejoiced, and he seriously nodded his head towards Elder Ancestor Mo.

Little Stone looked at Dongfang Xuan as if he was an idiot. What was the idiot doing nodding his head?

Dongfang Xuan met the little stone’s calm as water gaze, and his eyebrows smoothed out, sure enough, Elder Ancestor Mo wasn’t here to kill him.

“Many thanks to Senior for the instructions, please!” Dongfang cupped his hands in obeisance.

Little Stone’s brows wrinkled slightly. Instructions? Who’s instructing? He cleary was testing his strength okay?

At the same time, the little stone personally came out in order to adapt to the combat abilities of Elder Ancestor Mo’s body okay? Who had the time to instruct him ah, crazy idiot!

In Little Stone’s heart, Dongfang Xuan was a crazy idiot, but Dongfang Xuan was completely unaware of this.

A pity Little Stone wasn’t the original Elder Ancestor Mo, so his power was heavily lowered. As a result, to force Dongfang Xuan to show the trump cards at the bottom of his trunk was not an easy thing to do.

Following the two people’s fight, the courtyard was too small, it was not enough for them to fight all out.

Therefore, the two moved slowly to the north.

As they slowly shifted from their original location while fighting, two sneaky figures appeared in the surrounding wall of the courtyard.

One light voice sounded in a low tone.

“Where is Elder Ancestor Mo? Why can’t I see him?”

“Not clear, but from the information Beichen acquired, Dongfang Xuan’s courtyard is here.”

“Then, should we enter?”

“There is a strong aura here that seems to have been scattered gradually, could it be that Elder Ancestor Mo had already left?”

These two people, naturally, were Su Luo and Zi Yan, who tailed behind Elder Ancestor Mo.

Little Stone’s speed was very fast, Su Luo took Zi Yan along and teleported here, but they were still a step too slow. Elder Ancestor Mo had left already.

“Huh, what’s that?” Zi Yan pointed at a bright red material hanging on a tree, her shiny black pupils blinking away.

“It looks like… Red marriage head cover?” Su Luo tilted her head back, thinking a bit before saying this.

Could it be that the ancient people had a custom to hang the red marriage head cover on trees? Could there be other meanings in this?

“Wrong!” Zi Yan firmly shook her head, “This is not a red marriage head cover, from what I saw, this is clearly a dudou.”

Su Luo naturally didn’t believe it: “Who has nothing better to do than hang a dudou on trees in the middle of the night? To soak up the moonlight?”

“It really is a dudou, don’t believe me, I’ll bring it over for you to have a look.” Zi Yan flew towards the tree, in a flash, she returned with the dudou and gave it to Su Luo: “Look, isn’t it a dudou?”

“It really is a dudou.” Su Luo smiled from ear to ear.

In fact, she had already seen what it was, but was too lazy to go and get it. Moreover, such an intimate thing, she also didn’t want to hold it in her hands.

Suddenly, Zi Yan’s mouth let out a faint “ah” sound of surprise.

“What’s wrong?” Su Luo curiously gathered closer to her, lowering her voice to ask.

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