DKC – Chapter 1516

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Chapter 1516 – Showdown between experts (4)

Li Yaoyao’s eyes were full of tears, with a scarlet red complexion like an ignited raging inferno.

Subconsciously, Li Yaoyao’s hand stretched out to reach for it, making Dongfang Xuan’s eyes even brighter.

Sensing the peculiarity in Dongfang Xuan, Li Yaoyao was so anxious that she almost cried. Then, she hurriedly, in a flurry, took her hand back to protect her nakedness.

Dongfang Xuan’s eyes jumped like two flames. The flame was on the verge of exploding like the sparks that started a prairie fire. Very quickly, it ignited into a boiling hot blaze.

What to do? How? Li Yaoyao was so anxious just like a cat on a tin roof, running around in circles.

Just at this critical moment, Li Yaoyao could clearly feel…

Li Yaoyao urgently screeched: “Ah!!!”

Li Yaoyao wanted to run, but Dongfang Xuan’s pair of hands….

“Don’t, don’t, don’t!” Li Yaoyao’s pair of eyes opened wide from being overwhelmed with shock. She was almost about to pass out.

An overwhelming pain rushed towards her that was earth-shattering.

Unprecedentedly humiliating and enveloping her like an ugly cloud.

Very, very unforgettable!

She thought she could use Dongfang Xuan as a backer, but she never expected that this backer could be so ruthless. To brutally rob her most precious thing away and think she was very willing!

Li Yaoyao trembled from head to toe due to the pain, tears falling down like rain.

Just at this moment, suddenly, Dongfang Xuan’s brows tightly puckered.

His body moved, and he had already finished tidying up his clothes. Li Yaoyao was placed on the bed with a flip of his hand.

Senior Brother would let her off just like this?

However, before she could celebrate, she saw the spots of blood on the bed.

The blood was like a sharp sword, deeply stabbing into her eyes.

She….lost her most prized innocence!

Li Yaoyao’s entire complexion became pale. Battered and exhausted, she lied on the bed face up, with a lifeless expression in her eyes. She seemed spiritless.


Elder Ancestor Mo appeared in the courtyard.

Of course, in order to shift the blame to Central Palace’s Mo family, Su Luo simply didn’t even bother to disguise Little Stone. Rather, she let Elder Ancestor Mo appear in his normal appearance.

“Elder Ancestor Mo?” Dongfang Xuan’s eyes were half-narrowed, his voice was low, carrying a trace of doubt.

However his good thing was interrupted halfway, Dongfang Xuan was naturally angry in his heart. But this anger was naturally hidden well when encountering Elder Ancestor Mo, this huge character.

The Little Stone who was draped in Elder Ancestor Mo on the outside, frowned.

He didn’t even waste a word and directly made a move against Dongfang Xuan!

Dongfang Xuan coldly said: “What is the meaning of Elder Ancestor Mo? Don’t know where I had offended you?”

Dongfang Xuan was anxious ah, because he could clearly sense that strong power on Elder Ancestor Mo’s body. That aura could only belong to a super strong expert, the him right now was powerless to resist.

However, the Little Stone draped in the shell of Elder Ancestor Mo had no expression, hand extended out like an iron plier.

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