DKC – Chapter 1503

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Chapter 1503 – Simulated battle (7)

With her master there, just a few words from him, wouldn’t the time be mixed up and let it pass? These two fools, did they really think she would have to forfeit just because she was late?

“Then, should we rush over now?” Beichen Ying used a question to ask.

In fact, he mainly felt that Su Luo wouldn’t be able to beat Li Aochen, even if she went, it was in vain.

Nangong Liuyun stood up, his beautiful eyes containing a smile as he looked at Su Luo.

Su Luo rolled her eyes at those two fools, soon after, she grasped Nangong Liuyun’s hand, and her body directly dodged——

“Huh? Luo Luo is gone!” Beichen Ying cried out in alarm

“Third Senior Brother is also gone!” Zi Yan cried out from fear.

In merely the blink of an eye, Su Luo had already returned to her original place. But Nangong Liuyun’s figure couldn’t be seen.

“Where’s Second Brother?”

“Where’s Third Senior Brother?”

Faced with these two people’s questions, Su Luo didn’t respond, directly grabbed their hands and offered a bit of advice, “It’s best if you guys close your eyes.”

“What?” Beichen Ying asked curiously.

But before he could ask it out loud, suddenly, a white light flashed through his head. A burst of severe vertigo flashed through his head.

He didn’t even have time to cry out in alarm before discovering that his feet were already firmly planted on the ground.

Beichen Ying opened his eyes and discovered that he was on the outer edge of the battle stage.

Beichen Ying’s back trembled.

“This…” He had a feeling of dreaming.

“This is teleport.” Su Luo, smiling happily, explained to the two of them.

It hadn’t been long since Su Luo learned teleport, and she didn’t tell them the specifics. So, in their memories, they had already forgotten this matter of Su Luo knowing how to teleport.

Now that Su Luo took them on this route, they would never forget it for the rest of their lives.

“Such a fast speed!” Beichen Ying repeatedly said while being deeply moved.

Merely in the blink of an eye, and they had already arrived.

“Let us go in.” Su Luo smiled and was led along the hand by Nangong Liuyun. One tall and one short figure walked in front.

Beichen Ying and Zi Yan also hurriedly caught up with them.

Now, the atmosphere on the stage was already very enthusiastic.

Li Aochen stood on the battle stage by himself.

He scanned all around and didn’t see Su Luo’s figure. That mocking smile at the corner of his mouth became increasingly obvious.

When his gaze swept pass that almost burned to the end stick of incense, his brows stirred up slightly.

Looked like Su Luo was about to forfeit.

To be defeated without fighting really was shameful.

Now, under the stage, was all kinds of discussion.

“Why hasn’t Su Luo showed up by now? I even bet she would win!”

“Are you an idiot? Isn’t this obvious? Li Aochen’s strength would completely win over Su Luo and you actually still went to bet Su Luo to win?”

“I was only thinking of it being a great upset okay? Moreover, betting Su Luo win is a one to four return ah!”

“Hahaha, but Su Luo simply doesn’t dare to appear, this is called automatically forfeiting, do you understand?”

“Su Luo able to enter the top four was already due to ancestor’s blessing, how could she still enter the top two ah? This is impossible ah.”

“Su Luo’s forfeit is an expected matter.”

“Even if Su Luo came, she could only lose completely. She choosing to forfeit is reasonable and fair ah!”

One after another, comments sounded chaotically under the stage, it was very noisy.

On the stage, the mockery in Li Aochen’s eyes became increasingly clear.

Honorable Father even told him to be careful, telling him this long-windedly and non-stop. The result, Su Luo simply forfeited, what’s more laughable than this?

Li Aochen looked at that incense that was about to burn out, and lightly laughed out loud. Su Luo ah, Su Luo, so it turned out, you are such a coward. How could this kind of you be worthy of being my, Li Aochen’s, opponent.

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