DKC – Chapter 1502

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Chapter 1502 – Simulated battle (6)

Third Senior Brother was too handsome and his mind was also very two-faced. If you were not careful, he would steal your soul. She didn’t like him a bit, comparing the two, she felt Beichen Ying was more lovable.

“Wait.” Nangong Liuyun left this word, turned around and walked into the hall.

Nangong Liuyun left, Beichen Ying and Zi Yan could only slavishly follow behind him.

Zi Yan thought a bit and still felt uneasy: “But Third Senior Brother, there isn’t enough time left ah!”

“There is still time.” Nangong Liuyun calmly sat on the chair, unhurriedly picked up a cup of green tea, and sniffed as if nothing was happening.

Zi Yan was so anxious that she stamped her feet: “There is a great distance from Southern Mountain to the battle stage. At least, you should reserve a stick of incense’s time right? But from now to the start of the competition, is only one stick of incense time ah!”

How was it that Third Senior Brother wasn’t anxious? This really was that the emperor wasn’t anxious but the eunuch was ah, she was worried to death.

Zi Yan was so anxious that she just lacked stomping her feet inside the room.

Because if they hurried and start out now, the time left was already very tight.

The corner of Nangong Liuyun’s mouth hooked up slightly, as he instructed: “Sit, wait.”

Zi Yan looked towards Beichen Ying. Beichen Ying helplessly shrugged his shoulders, finally sighing to say: “This time’s bet, guess will lose it all.”

“How much did you bet?” Zi Yan asked curiously.

That gambling house, she was also one of the partners.

“Everything.” Beichen Ying sighed, “The news Su Luo passed over was to bet three hundred thousand crystal stones for her to win.”

“This…” Zi Yan, with great difficulty, swallowed, “When did this matter happen?”

“Last night.” Beichen Ying spread out his hand, “Her little divine dragon had a piece of paper in his mouth, here, it’s this one.”

Beichen Ying took the piece of paper from his chest pocket and let everyone look.

“Three hundred thousand crystal stones ah…” Zi Yan sighed, “If we take this out to buy land, at least, we could flip it several times. But now, it’s lost, even a shadow couldn’t be seen.”

“If she was to go and compete, at least there is still a slight chance of winning, but now. Alas.” Beichen Ying sighed, now was the tempo of automatically forfeiting.

“This isn’t much, after all, isn’t it just three hundred thousand crystal stones? How could it be more important than Luo Luo cultivating?” Zi Yan returned to her senses and said with gritted teeth.

Although she felt some heartache for the crystal stones, however, Luo Luo’s cultivation was the most important thing.

“Who’s going to lose?”

With a creak sound, the door opened, and Su Luo stood in front of everyone, wearing old-fashioned clothes.

Right now, her hair was disheveled, face lacking any color. Her eyes were even bloodshot, and she cut a very sorry figure.

But right now, her spirit was very good, a pair of pitch-black as ink eyes flickered with light so clear you could see to its depths.

“Luo Luo?” Zi Yan and Beichen Ying stood up, pleasantly surprised.

“Why do you guys have the appearance of crying with joy? Is it worth it to be this happy seeing me?” Su Luo beamingly looked at them, “That’s right, how many days is left to the competition?”

“Days?” Beichen Ying exaggeratedly yelled out loud, “There isn’t even several minutes left, let alone days.”

“Then why are you guys staying here so leisurely?” Su Luo’s complexion suddenly changed. She turned around to look at Beichen Ying, “Didn’t I tell you to bet three hundred thousand crystal stones ah?”

“Bet is set ah.” Beichen Ying helplessly sighed, “But now, it’s only a minute from the start of the competition, even if we were to rush over now, it’s already too late.”

“You guys!” Su Luo almost rolled her eyes, “You two fools! When it will start, the head judge will have the final say. Did you guys forget who my master is?”

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