DKC – Chapter 1504

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Chapter 1504 – Simulated battle (8)

At this moment, he turned his head to look towards Grandmaster Rong Yun.

Now, Li Aochen was just waiting for Grandmaster to declare the result of this match.

Grandmaster’s eyes were like seawater that could see far, unfathomable depths.

He stood up calmly, eyes looking toward the distance, quiet and silent.

This kind of him, no one dared to utter things to disturb him.

Only a final trace of incense left, suddenly bright then dark——

Grandmaster Rong Yun slowly sighed.

Everyone also sighed with him.

Time was up and Su Luo still hadn’t arrived, this means she forfeited.

Just at this critical moment——

Just when Jade Lake’s Li family laughed rampantly and wantonly——

Suddenly, Su Luo flew over from mid-air, firmly landing on the battle stage.

“Li Aochen, do you want to voluntarily forfeit?” Su Luo coldly smiled, the corner of her mouth hooking into a wicked smile.

Because Li Aochen was already at the edge of the battle stage.

Only waiting for Grandmaster Rong Yun to declare the result of the match, he would then walk toward the Jade Lake’s Li’s family VIP seat.

But Su Luo caught everyone off guard and appeared.

“You actually came?” Li Aochen looked at this extremely unparalleled beautiful miss in front of him, and he frowned slightly.

“What? Don’t dare to fight with me?” Su Luo’s smile was demonic and wanton.

“Not dare to fight with you?” It seemed as if Li Aochen heard the most ridiculous joke in the world and laughed loudly, “Su Luo, you are the person with the thickest skin I have ever seen, there isn’t anyone else.”

“Seems like you really have seen too little of the world.” Su Luo’s lips flipped in ridicule.

Right now, it could be said that Su Luo was very eager to battle, eager to give everything a try, just waiting to be famous from just one fight.

Li Aochen, now, I can still let you be arrogant for a little while, wait until the battle starts, you will know how great this miss is. The more Su Luo thought, the prouder she felt.

But this Li Aochen, this pitiful child, didn’t know ah, he completely didn’t know. All of his trump cards had all been shown to Su Luo. Moreover, within this month’s time, Su Luo had continuously battled a copy of him. She understand every one of his moves more deeply than he himself.

“Li Aochen, make your move.” Su Luo indifferently stood in place, her lips slowly curving up.

Li Aochen saw that Su Luo was determined to fight and couldn’t help but sneer several times: “Fists and feet don’t speak, are you certain you want to fight? If you admit defeat right now, you can still go down unharmed.”

“Do you think I would personally come onto the battle stage under thousands of eyes in order to admit defeat to you? Did something happen to my ears or is it your brain that’s defective.” Su Luo felt that Li Aochen had too many superfluous words.

She was so excited that she almost started hitting, yet he still continue speaking endlessly with twist and turns.

“Good, since you insist on courting death, then I’ll help you succeed!” Li Aochen’s face revealed a sinister expression.

His temper was completely incited by Su Luo.

The excitement in Su Luo’s heart rose up, bit by bit.

Li Aochen, wait a bit, and you’ll know what’s called want to die but can’t die!

Li Aochen saw that sinister smile in Su Luo’s eyes, and a not-so-good premonition slowly rose from his thoughts….Why would he feel so uneasy? Clearly, his strength was far above Su Luo, that loathsome girl’s, ah.

For certain, it was that loathsome girl deliberately being mysterious! Li Aochen thought up to here and his anger rose.

His sleeves shook and a cold sword suddenly appeared in his hand.

“Kill!” Li Aochen snarled, his body was like an artillery shell and shot directly towards Su Luo!

Watching Li Aochen approach with a strength that would alarm the heavens, Su Luo’s body remained motionless. Her eyes half-narrowed dangerously, the corner of her mouth turning up slightly into a proud and reckless smile.

Li Aochen! This miss died nine-hundred and ninety-nine times, now, it’s your turn!

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