DKC – Chapter 1418

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Chapter 1418 – Roaming Dragon List (16)

The carefree youth!

The main culprit that sank her into the rumors of using dirty tricks!

That anger in Su Luo’s heart was raging ah, she directly walked over, lifted that youth up with one grab, and directly did a shoulder throw: “Speak, what hatred do I have with you in the end, that made you want to frame me like this.”

Su Luo’s action was considerably fast.

No sooner said than done, that youth simply didn’t have enough time to resist. One could only hear a ‘bang’ sound and soon afterwards her ‘without fooling around tone’ sounded.

“Ouch——” The youth was thrown in such a way that his buttocks almost split into two pieces.

“Why on earth did you hit me, boo hoo, boo hoo.” The youth while massaging his butt, he also resentfully glared at Su Luo. It was really very painful.

“Why on earth did you blacken my name.” Su Luo directly got right to the point.

“How did I blacken your name? I was helping you ah!” The youth saw Su Luo turn white into black and immediately shouted loudly of the injustice.

“Still saying you didn’t blacken my name? You, this high-level framer!” Su Luo was itching to kick him.

“Why did you call me a high-level framer?” The youth expressed he hadn’t heard of it, with an expression full of desire for knowledge.

Beichen Ying, at this moment, was stupefied.

From the moment Su Luo entered up to her making the move, although it may look slow, but in reality, this thing happened in the strike of a flint. When Beichen Ying returned to his senses, okay, the person that ought to be beaten up, she had already finished beating.

Hence, he hurriedly smiled apologetically to smooth things over: “Hahaha, what are you two doing? Shouldn’t everyone be very happy about winning money?”

“Win money?” Su Luo frowned, feeling that somewhere was fishy.

“That’s right ah, Little Li had bet all his crystal stones on you. So this time, he won a lot of profit from Jade Lake’s Li family, hahaha.”

A bright light quickly flashed through Su Luo’s mind: “Wait, are you saying, he bet I would win?”

“That’s right ah. It was also me who incited him to take all of his assets to bet on your win.” Beichen Ying heartily laughed with ‘haha’, he was obviously very proud of himself.

“So you’re saying, on the battle stage. He deliberately pretend to be weak in front of me……” Su Luo gnashed her teeth, those words were just like stir fried beans, word by word, they jumped out.

“If I lost the bet, I would then lose my family’s entire fortune, and wouldn’t even have a nest to sleep in.” Little Li, still covered up his burning butt, hummed as if he was wronged.

“So you deliberately lost just now?” Su Luo was immediately depressed to the point of causing internal injury. She felt as if her hit pounded into cotton, completely unable to alleviate her anger. She asked, spitting in anger, “Before the bet, how did you know you would draw me?”

“How would I know ah. It was all because of Beichen conning me, said to bet on you winning would make me rich. Who would have imagined I had such bad luck, when drawing lots, I actually drew you.” Little Li felt extremely wronged, “On one side is the Roaming Dragon List ranking, on the other side is losing my family fortune, how would you choose?”

Su Luo:“……”

Beichen Ying started to laugh. When he saw Su Luo draw this lot, he knew the conclusion would happen like this. So, he was able to laugh so strangely at that time.

“Then why did you ask me to say hello to my master on your behalf?” Wasn’t this clearly making people misunderstand?

Beichen Ying smilingly said: “This I know. Grandmaster Rong Yun previously saved Little Li’s life. He also raised him for several years by his side, so—— this was an unexpected mistake ah.”

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth twitched. An unexpected mistake was an unexpected mistake. Now, her name was already completely connected with dirty tricks, threats, privilege, and so on. Adding together her previous life and this lifetime, her reputation couldn’t be worse than it was now.

“Forget it, be more open with your outlook. You look here, we won so many crystal stones.” Beichen Ying saw Su Luo sat there, fuming. He moved closer to tease her into a more cheerful mood.

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