DKC – Chapter 1417

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Chapter 1417 – Roaming Dragon List (15)

The youth stood on level ground, and cupped his hands towards Su Luo who was on the stage. With an earnest and serious expression on his face, he said: “Miss’s name is famous and has a well-known reputation. Today’s meeting, as expected, you’re outstanding. This humble person extremely admires you. The loss today, this humble person accepts wholeheartedly.”

Su Luo, who was still on the stage, was stupefied.

Accept wholeheartedly your sister ah! Just based on that agile move of yours just now when you landed, you bastard was simply throwing this game ah. Such an obvious move, don’t tell me you think that the spectators are blind ah? In Su Luo’s heart, there were ten thousand horses wildly rushing on muddy grass plains. She was itching to rush down to grab this youth back up to the stage to compete again.

Just when Su Luo’s face was getting worse, this youth cupped his hands towards Su Luo and said in a deadly earnest manner: “Miss’s win is fair and aboveboard, as it should be by rights that fame would follow merit. This place is one you, Miss, deserves. Oh, by the way, please say hello to Revered Master on my behalf.”

Finished speaking these words, the youth then carefreely drifted far away.

“Hey, I order you to come back!” Su Luo was so angry she almost stamped her feet.

Does this person have enmity with her, with deep animosity and great hatred? She didn’t exterminate his entire clan in her previous life right? For him to frame her like this? Him hiding his strength and deliberately letting her kick him off the stage was fine. In the end, he actually directly said a sentence, please say hello to Revered Master on my behalf. Was this something that could be casually asked? This clearly was…… Clearly was just trying to hide it by making it more conspicuous ah.

Sure enough, as Su Luo anticipated, after the youth carefreely drifted far away, the people below completely erupted!

“Dirty tricks, there are definitely dirty tricks!”

“Ticket refund, I insist on a ticket refund!”

“This Su Luo is too hateful right, she actually bribed the other person to deliberately lose to her?”

“I saw it, doesn’t seem like that. It ought to be that she deliberately threatened the other person with her master’s name.”

“If it was like that, then who would dare to compete with her ah. Whoever drew her from the lots, should then just directly admit defeat ah!”

“In the first round, she depended on the other side not showing show up and missing the competition. So, she directly advanced to the top 100. Just now, don’t know what happened when she drew the lots, almost drew the empty place lot, I can let that pass. But the current competition, the opponent simply didn’t dare to display his strength and fight with her ah.”

“Just now, the back view of the youth departing seemed to have changed greatly.”

“That’s right, I’ll definitely knock down any dirty tricks, determined to overthrow Su Luo!”

One wave after another wave of discussion came from the spectators seats. Afterwards, the voices became louder and louder, practically covering all other sounds.

On the stage, Su Luo’s complexion was black to the pinnacle!

Just now, based on that youth’s real strength, he simply couldn’t beat her. If she had anticipated earlier that it would turn out like this, she would definitely have forced out the opponent’s real strength. So it wouldn’t be like this now……Hateful!

Suddenly, a bright light flashed through Su Luo’s mind.

She recalled Beichen Ying’s strange smile when she had just drawn this lot. There was a problem, there definitely was a problem. Maybe Beichen Ying knew something!

As a result, Su Luo simply didn’t have the time to pay attention to the eruptions in the audience, and directly ran to go find Beichen Ying.

But Beichen Ying’s competition was earlier than Su Luo’s, so at this moment, he had already vanished long ago.

Su Luo could also be considered to know a lot about Beichen Ying. Without saying anything further, she directly ran to the place where Beichen Ying had set up his gambling joint.

“Bang——” A heavy sound ring out, and Su Luo kicked a massive black hole into the firm door.

At this moment, Beichen Ying was radiant with joy, holding huge piles after huge piles of crystal stones he had just won while counting them. Seeing Su Luo come in, he happily beckoned, “Come over, quickly come over here and count the money with me.”

Su Luo’s complexion was as black as the bottom of a pot, just when she was about to flare up, she discovered——

Directly facing Beichen Ying, a youth was sitting with his back to her.

Although she had only seen that youth once, even if he was to turn into dust, she, Su Luo, would recognize him.

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