DKC – Chapter 1419

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Chapter 1419 – Roaming Dragon List (17)

“Hey, your strength in itself is already there. This is not easy to falsify. Wait until the next time, and you have a proper competition with someone. At that time, you’ll amaze the world with a single brilliant feat, and see who still dares hoot about behind-the-scene tricks. What do you say?” Beichen Ying accompanied with a foolish laugh.

A person that could make Young Master Beichen smile apologetically, added together, wouldn’t surpass a handful.

“Good, the next round, I must compete properly.” Su Luo made a fist.

Although Beichen Ying wasn’t reliable, he actually said the right sentence. Wait until she could reveal her real strength, at that time, these rumors would naturally break without her attacking it.

Thinking like this, Su Luo also calmed down and entered the ranks of those counting money.

The top fifty people of the Roaming Dragon List had already come out.

Luo Haoming, these seeded players, as expected, all advanced.

On Su Luo’s side, Nangong Liuyun, his four brothers, in addition to Zi Yan, also all advanced.

“Fortunately, my luck wasn’t the worst, if I drew the death lot, then I certainly would really die.” Lan Xuan patted his little chest, with some lingering fear.

The death lot Lan Xuan was talking about, pointed to the opponent being Nangong Liuyun or Luo Haoming. At the moment, these two people’s reputations were extremely high.

However, don’t know how, the matter of Nangong Liuyun’s body having suffered a serious injury was secretly transmitted outwards. Moreover, this matter got hotter and hotter, practically everyone knew, so on the matter of momentum, Nangong Liuyun was lower by a token than Luo Haoming.

Speaking of luck, everyone’s gazes uniformly shot towards Su Luo.

“Why are you guys looking at me like this?” Su Luo was being stared at until the bottom of her heart got the creeps.

“Alas, luck ah, luck……” Lan Xuan repeatedly sighed, “Sister-in-law, how about the next time, when we draw the lots, you draw for me?”

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth twitched, only after a long time did she say: “Go play on the side.” Finished speaking, she fiercely glared at Beichen Ying.

Beichen Ying recalled Little Li’s matter from before and laughed, ‘hehe’. Finally, the more he laughed, the louder he became. He fell just short of rolling about on the ground.

Su Luo speechlessly turned her head around and firmly said: “Next time, I’ll make those people see my awesomeness!”

“You must.” Beichen Ying agreed, very much like a lackey.

There were still ten days before the next competition.

In these ten days, Su Luo single-mindedly cultivated.

With Su Luo being chased to kill and fleeing all day long, it appeared as if she had never made a great effort to cultivate. In fact, Su Luo had a heaven-defying space, moreover, the time in this space deferred from the outside by ten times. Furthermore, Su Luo could send her soul inside to cultivate alone in her space.

As a result, up until now, Su Luo had never stopped cultivating, but her great effort, others completely couldn’t see.

So, when Su Luo advanced because of good luck, that was because the changes she accumulated daily had leapt to form a qualitative change. Without the accumulation from everyday, how could she be promoted so quickly?

These ten days, Su Luo locked herself in the room, and didn’t take even one step outside.

Su Luo sat cross-legged, specks of white light lingering around her body, these bright lights were all transformed using spirit force.

Su Luo, with her eyes closed, could clearly see the circumstances in her own sea of knowledge.

Following her promotion in cultivation, Su Luo’s Nothingness of Space wasn’t like before, where she could only cover one person, now, it was five square meters in size.

Inside this five square meters of Nothingness of Space, Su Luo was god. Within the same rank, if they were trapped in this Nothingness of Space, Su Luo could take action at will. It could be said that she was an unequalled existence within the same rank.

In Su Luo’s sea of knowledge, 512 golden threads had already fused into 256, in the course of this event, she had obtained teleportation. Although she couldn’t sustain teleportation for very long, but it had still repeatedly saved her life.

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