DKC – Chapter 1416

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Chapter 1416 – Roaming Dragon List (14)

“You bastard said who is absurd? You just wait on the battle stage, this young master will make you absurd beyond belief.” Beichen Ying lifted up his sleeves, having an attitude of about to go all out in a battle.

“Fool.” Su Luo, who stood silently not far away, turned her face away. She really wanted to pretend not to know Beichen Ying, this guy…

After the drawings were completed, the group of people came down from the stage.

This time, the top fifty competition would begin.

There was a round every hour, every round, there were five matches occurring at the same time. Therefore, the competition would be completed in one day.

This time, Su Luo had already bet six hundred green-colored crystal stones on herself, naturally to win ah. She made the bet before she even drew the lots. After drawing the lots were completed, bets wouldn’t be accepted.

This time, Su Luo’s number was twenty, so before she had a chance to watch many of the matches, it was her turn.

Unhurriedly walking onto the fighting stage, Su Luo’s whole body was on guard and entered the stage of getting ready to battle.

This time, she decided not to summon her spirit pets and wouldn’t borrow from any other external force. Just basing on her body’s current strength to have a proper one-on-one battle with the opponent.

At this time, Su Luo’s opponent also stood on the stage.

This was a youth around fifteen to sixteen years old. He was dressed in purple from head to toe. He had delicate and pretty features like a porcelain doll, but that figure was simply a tragic sight.

The clothes on his body were wrinkled just like dried tofu. It hung wretchedly on his body. This was fine, but what was most hateful was that his whole face looked sleepy with drowsy eyes. As if he still hadn’t woken up.

Su Luo’s brows wrinkled, however, in secret, she persuaded herself: you can’t judge a person by appearance, just as you can’t measure the sea with a pint pot. The more powerful the expert, the more enigmatic their actions would be.

Just when Su Luo imagined that the opponent was a strong expert, this youth smiled towards Su Luo.

“Can we start?” Su Luo’s brows wrinkled, this young master looked very lazy, didn’t have a bit of the air of an expert.

“En, then start.” He loosely took the horse stance.

Su Luo assumed a fighting posture.

As a result, the two people started to stand in opposition.

Encircling each other, walking here and there, but nobody made the first move.

Just like this, the two people took strides to walk here and there. They walked for nearly a stick of incense’s time. The spectators watching this almost all dozed off, and the two people on the stage still hadn’t started to fight.

“You start first ah.” The lazy youth said frankly to Su Luo.

“You come and hit me ah.” Su Luo wasn’t about to fall for it.

“Okay, I’ll go hit you.” The lazy youth send out a palm strike that was light as a feather towards Su Luo.

Su Luo originally thought that this strike must hide a killing move.

Because after all, this stage was not a place to play house ah! This was the top one hundred experts from the younger generation on the mainland okay? As a result, Su Luo was full of expectation of having a real battle with this youth.

But she was wrong, she was simply extremely wrong!

This palm strike by the youth was really a simple palm strike, the kind that had nothing in it!

Just when this palm strike attacked over, Su Luo kicked her legs, and made a move called total annihilation (1) that would roll him up like a mat!

This kick, based on conscience, could be said that Su Luo really didn’t use a killing move. She only used thirty percent of her strength.

But what was really hard for her to believe was that lazy youth, was actually directly kicked flying.

“Lost——” A soft sound echoed. The youth flew in a parabola arc and was shot far out of the battle stage. Afterwards, one could only see him do a carp roll in mid-air, then flip over like a sparrow. In the end, he lightly landed on the ground.

That action, that stance, how easy you want it, it would be that easy. How graceful you want it, and it would be that graceful.


1) total annihilation move: Okay people, you know what the author is talking about. The kick to a guy’s private place that makes them roll around on the floor in pain.

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