DKC – Chapter 1415

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Chapter 1415 – Roaming Dragon List (13)

Everyone knows, to be matched against His Highness Prince Jin, Luo Haoming, these super-seeded opponents, to go up is to directly lose. Therefore, nobody wanted to draw these people. Now, His Highness Prince Jin had drawn the empty place stick, then their chances of being eliminated became less by a portion.

Although that bamboo stick was drawn by Su Luo, but she still needed to draw again for herself.

“Quickly draw ah, quickly draw.”

In the surroundings, Beichen Ying and these others urged Su Luo non-stop.

They really were extremely curious, don’t know who Su Luo will draw with her next bamboo stick.

Under thousands of staring eyes, Su Luo’s hand slowly extended out. She closed her eyes and once again randomly grabbed another bamboo stick.

“Come, let us look and see what the biological child of the goddess of luck Miss Su Luo drew this time.” Beichen Ying, in a lively manner, imitated the host’s tone and started to unfold that bamboo stick.

“Huh?” Beichen Ying cried out in surprise.

Everyone’s heart, including Su Luo’s, all was raised up high, what ghost showed up again?

Su Luo was even more speechless as she looked at her own slender jade like hands. Overdrawing on good luck like this, in the future, her fortune would be thin ah…..

Just when everyone thought Su Luo had drawn another good bamboo stick, Beichen Ying’s gaze slowly swept around all the people in the surroundings. Afterwards, he used a regretful tone to say: “How come this time it’s normal ah? This is too strange okay?”

“Bang.” Lan Xuan’s large palm directly slapped his head, “You bastard, can’t you speak with your tongue straight? Clearly a matter that required one sentence, yet you had to breathe deeply.”

Su Luo was finally able to put her heart back into her chest. She thought that she had once again drawn a stick that was in defiance of the natural order.

The beautiful youth dressed in red Beichen Ying smiled mischievously and leaned close to Su Luo: “The opponent is number thirteen on the list outside of the Roaming Dragon List: Lan Zhixiao.”

“This person, you know him?” Beichen Ying nodded furiously, “Other people really may not know him, but this person ah…hehe, hehe.”

“In the end, what dark secrets are inside. Quickly say it.” Su Luo’s heart suddenly had a very bad premonition.

But this time, Beichen Ying defended this secret to the death and actually wouldn’t say anything.

“Beichen Ying, you really won’t tell me?” Su Luo grabbed his collar, saying in a threatening tone.

“Second Brother Nangong, your wife is bullying me, save me ah.” Beichen Ying made a big fuss and ran all over the place.

Him running around like this, how could Su Luo chase after him without looking shameless ah? He could be shameless but Su Luo was a good Miss that needed to look reserved.

Su Luo was so angry that she gritted her teeth, so could only hatefully threaten him in her heart: Beichen Ying, you bastard, wait for me, your older sister. This woman will take revenge, even if it takes one hundred years, it still won’t be too late!

“Hey Sister-in-law, don’t get twisted, wait for when you go on stage to fight, then you’ll find out. Really, do you want me to give you a hint of his bottom?” Beichen Ying had an ingratiating appearance.

“Don’t, need, it!” Su Luo rolled her eyes at him.

“Then okay, wait until the next fight, you… cough, cough, in short, take care of yourself.” Finished speaking these words, Beichen Ying was afraid he would be grabbed back and threatened by Su Luo, and hurriedly ran away. Then, he obediently stood in front of his number in line.

The person across from Beichen Ying coldly humphed, softly mumbling to himself: This was a competition! Never seen someone being so absurd.

“Absurd your younger sister!” Young Master Beichen directly roared back. Su Luo could curse him and control him, but it was only her and no one else. Other people dared to say half a sentence about him, then they didn’t want their head.

“You——”That person originally mumbled to himself, didn’t expect the opposite beautiful youth actually heard everything clearly. Now, being so rudely rebuked by Beichen Ying, his face became red from being stifled.

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