DKC – Chapter 1272

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Chapter 1272 – Whether or not she could escape (1)

Su Luo was so gloomy, she was close to spitting out blood. Tasty blood? Of course her blood was tasty, it was the best tonic under heaven, able to revive the dead, how could it not be tasty? Just now, this old fellow nearly drank half of the blood in her body, what else did he want!

Of course, she cursed him countless times in her heart, but on the surface, she still needed to appear as a feeble person.

“Ahem.” Su Luo cleared her throat, “Elder must be busy right? Then I won’t disturb you.”

After she was done saying these words, Su Luo turned around, wanting to slip away.

This old man wasn’t in his right mind because of her, completely losing all of his intellect. If you were to say that Su Luo didn’t feel a bit guilty, then that was impossible.

However, before Su Luo could walk several steps away, an ice-cold voice called her to a stop.


Although Elder Ancestor Mo’s mind was not all there, but that pair of peculiarly sharp eyes specific to strong experts was still scary, boring into Su Luo’s back, almost burning a hole through it.

The foot Su Luo lifted up hung with uncertainty in mid-air, helplessly, her body turned around, and she put a flattering smile on her face: “Hehe, what instructions does this Elder have?”

“You, come over!” Elder Ancestor Mo had one hand behind his back and beckoned Su Luo over with the other. That action and expression seemed as if he was calling a little pet.

Your damned younger sister! You call this miss to go over, and this miss will go? Wasn’t it like losing face? Besides, why go over? Wasn’t it because he still wanted to drink this miss’s blood? Su Luo gloomily ridiculed in her heart. However, she dared not show this displeasure on her face.

Because she had considered that this old codger’s mind was abnormal, so Su Luo didn’t dare make any movements that would stimulate him.

A madman wasn’t scary, but people feared a madman with formidable martial arts. A madman at the peak of saint’s rank, nobody could be sure, if he slapped a palm over, whether she would still exist or not.

“Come!” Old Madman’s patience was clearly very bad, he saw Su Luo standing there motionless, and his thick eyebrows immediately wrinkled.

Su Luo felt completely helpless. Because in front of an absolute powerful expert, all her crafty plots and machinations were useless. Therefore, Su Luo could only gloomily take three steps forward and two backwards, and try to stall for time.

While she was stalling for time, she was also pondering plans to flee.

Thinking about this, Su Luo sadly realized, her running away escaping experience was very rich. From when she first crossed over to this strange world, Su Luo realized that she simply didn’t have several days that were calm and smooth. The majority of the time, she was running ah running ah running… she ran even further than Forrest Gump.

Elder Ancestor Mo saw Su Luo dilly-dally around like a snail and not saying a word. He only used a pair of gloomy eyes with a cold threatening face to stare at her… right wrist.

Being stared at by his burning hot gaze, Su Luo only sneered internally. Wasn’t this old codger afraid of having his mind invaded and occupied by black spots, then his entire mind would fall apart?

Su Luo linked up with Little Stone in her mind.

“Should I let him suck some blood once more?” Su Luo sounded out and asked.

“Suck fart! How much blood do you think your body has left? Now, you already are seriously lacking in blood, if you let him suck several mouthfuls, your life will be gone!” What was more important, this loathsome girl’s blood was how precious, he just couldn’t continue to watch it being wasted by the Old Madman!

“Then what’s to be done?” Su Luo asked helplessly.

“Run ah!” Little Stone glared, “Don’t you know how to teleport through space? Hurry run ah!”

“But I can only teleport three kilometers at a time.” Su Luo spread out her hands helplessly, “Old Madman’s speed in a flash is certainly faster than me teleporting!!”

Who told her to have just entered the gates of teleportation knowledge. A short three kilometers, for any other person, that was an unattainable speed. But for Old Madman who was a strong expert at the peak of saint level, this simply wasn’t enough for him to look.

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