DKC – Chapter 1271

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Chapter 1271 – Strike first to gain the upper hand (8)

Poor Mo Yunqing, with great difficulty, she had just stopped coughing, and was just lifted up like this by Elder Ancestor Mo. Immediately, her whole body didn’t feel good.

“Say!” Elder Ancestor Mo’s temper was bad, after losing his wisdom, his temper got even worse. He saw Mo Yunqing didn’t respond, and the strength in his hands increased by a hundred percent!

The current Mo Yunqing was already on the verge of death, with a gossamer of breath, how could she withstand such ravage? One could only hear a crack sound, and Mo Yunqing’s neck was directly snapped by Elder Ancestor Mo!

“Yunqing!” Mo Zixu heard this sound, he felt bad inside, he stood up and rushed forward.

Elder Ancestor Mo saw Mo Yunqing had died, in passing, he tossed her to Mo Zixu and even said an assessing sentence in displeasure: “Useless!”

Having said this, Elder Ancestor Mo tossed his sleeves in anger and left.

Mo Zixu’s entire person was stunned.

Looking at the completely lifeless Mo Yunqing in his arms, seeing the obvious purple on her neck, hot magma-like fury rose in his eyes. The fists by his sides clenched tightly! Hateful!

He lifted his head, looking at Elder Ancestor Mo who was getting further and further away, and his eyes turned gloomy!

First Elder directly slapped Mo Zixu’s head: “Mo Yunqing was already dead, are you blaming your dad? Now, he doesn’t even know who he is, and you still want to demand something from him!”

Mo Zixu was slapped awake by First Eder, he couldn’t help but to lower his head to look at the ice-cold body, all the five senses on the face dyed red with blood. The rage in his eyes ignited and soared: “Su Luo!”

“That’s right! Even if you want revenge, you ought to seek Su Luo, that loathsome girl!” First Elder expressed approval of Mo Zixu’s response.

At this moment, First Elder also wasn’t feeling very good. In the beginning, he was seriously injured by Elder Ancestor Mo, now, he was barely able to use Return the Soul Technique. The worst part was that he was interrupted halfway by Elder Ancestor Mo, so Return the Soul Technique all recoiled back onto him, everything kept adding injuries to the already wounded First Elder.

First Elder silently wiped away the bloodstain at the corner of his mouth and faintly sighed: “Ever since Yunfeng invited those people to Central Palace, Central Palace would get robbed repeatedly. Don’t know if our way of handling things is retribution from the Heavens.”

“No! This is not retribution! Even if it is retribution, I will walk the path in defiance to the natural order!” Mo Zixu clenched his fists, his face grave and grim, “I vow not to stop until I kill Su Luo!”

At this moment, Mo Zixu was clearly concerned with Mo Yunqing’s unfinished words. If he thought carefully, through guess and luck, maybe he could guess what Mo Yunqing didn’t have time to finish saying. Unfortunately, those divine lights were buried by his rage, and no one knew when it would resurface ever again.

“Uncle, you follow the Ancestor, I will go find Su Luo, that loathsome girl!” Mo Zixu handed Mo Yunqing’s corpse to his subordinates, and his body soared to the sky, directly disappearing in place.

Mo Zixu went towards that remote small courtyard, but how could Su Luo be so stupid as to obediently wait there for him to kill her? It was obvious that this wasn’t possible.

At that time, Su Luo, after multiple teleports, had already arrived at the place she and Nangong Liuyun had agreed upon.

However, before she could find Nangong Liuyun, she saw a cold and harsh back.

This back turned around, cold eyes bore directly to meet Su Luo’s gaze.

Su Luo’s heart suddenly throbbed violently, she wanted to turn around to run. But in this kind of situation, it was already no good to flee in someone’s presence.

“Your blood, it tastes pretty good.” Elder Ancestor Mo’s fierce eyes pressed tightly on Su Luo, his eyebrows knitted firmly, and wholeheartedly gave her a praise.

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