DKC – Chapter 1273

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Chapter 1273 – Whether or not she could escape (2)

“Forget it, consider it as me having lost to you! Although god’s secrets must not be revealed to mortals, but here’s a little hint, damn gods shouldn’t strike me down with just this hint.” Little Stone grabbed his hair, “Take the 256 threads in your mind and fuse them together into 128 threads. Then your speed can increase ten times, even traveling a five hundred kilometers with one thought will not be a problem!”

“Then how can I fuse the 256 threads together?” This was the trickiest point for Su Luo.

“Fuse Spirit Dance Steps with wind system laws. I can only say this much. If it is still not enough, then the only thing waiting for you is to be sucked dry as a mummy!” After Little Stone finished this hint of his, he closed his eyes to rest and continue his practice session. He directly tossed Su Luo to the back of his head, no matter how Su Luo shouted, he wouldn’t respond.

Su Luo thought about it for a quite a while and could not figure it out.

Fuse Spirit Dance Steps with wind system laws? The problem was, she simply wasn’t a wind system mage ah. Her understanding of wind system laws went in one ear and out the other, completely Greek to her ah.

Eh, a light of inspiration suddenly flashed through Su Luo’s mind.

She wasn’t a wind system mage, but Nangong Liuyun was one ah! But don’t know where Nangong Liuyun had gone to right now, otherwise, she would have asked him in more detail.

Su Luo kept on thinking like this, but her foot still approached towards Elder Ancestor Mo slowly. Finally, she stopped helplessly in front of him.

Elder Ancestor Mo’s gaze was chilly, face stone-cold, stern and dignified.

“You, pour your blood out!” This time, Elder Ancestor Mo didn’t directly grab Su Luo’s wrist and directly bite into it, rather, he took out a barrel from behind his back.

Su Luo’s jaw slackened in surprise!

This wooden barrel was as tall as half a person, this damned old man actually wanted her to pour her blood into that? Even if all her blood was used up, it wouldn’t fill the first half of the barrel okay?

“Grandpa Mo, are you joking?” Su Luo’s eyes shone, eyes darting all over the place, searching for the best route to flee.

While her eyes were searching for a route to flee, she actually discovered a very nice surprise.

It turned out that Nangong Liuyun was hiding on the roof tiles not far up ahead. He crept over the glazed tiles, his body almost merging with the darkness of the night. If Nangong Liuyun hadn’t intentionally revealed a clue, Su Luo simply would not have discovered him.

Their gazes met in mid-air, their eyes shining with words only they knew.

This kind of tacit understanding, if their intentions weren’t genuinely connected, simply would not be able to understand.

Nangong Liuyun took advantage of Elder Ancestor Mo’s inattention, and quickly formed a few hand signs. Su Luo blinked a few times inconspicuously, indicating that she understood.

Old Man Mo saw Su Luo did not move, so he extended his hand to help out.

‘Don’t, don’t! I’ll do it myself!” Su Luo pulled out that sharp dagger from her sleeve, signaling Old Man Mo to stop.

Old Man Mo’s mental illness hadn’t broke out yet, seeing Su Luo voluntarily cooperate, so he didn’t say anything. Only his pair of eyes shone deeply just like a wolf’s eyes, giving rise to fear in people’s hearts.

Su Luo unhurriedly gestured with the dagger, as if looking for a good spot.

In fact, she was waiting for Nangong Liuyun’s move. She was waiting for Nangong Liuyun to shift Elder Ancestor Mo’s attention away. Otherwise, when she teleported and it got interrupted, her ending would be very tragic.

Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun’s gazes met, and they smiled in tacit agreement.


A hand grenade-shaped sphere shot straight at Elder Ancestor Mo’s face!

Su Luo was already prepared!

At this moment, she pretended to be startled and shrieked, directly falling to the ground, as if paralyzed by fear.

Elder Ancestor Mo was just about to curse this loathsome girl as a coward, but just at this moment, Su Luo’s body disappeared into thin air, while that sphere charged directly towards Old Man Mo.

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