DKC – Chapter 1270

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Chapter 1270 – Strike first to gain the upper hand (7)

“Who was it…” Mo Yunqing realized that her mind seemed empty, a lot of things were mixed up, and she could not pull out any specific thoughts.

“Yes, who was it? Who did you see at that last minute?” Mo Zixu asked in a loud voice.

“It’s… it’s…”Mo Yunqing rocked her mind with all her might, suddenly, she had a flash of insight and remembered a fragment, “Daddy sent Qing’er… to confinement…”

“Yes yes yes, it’s daddy’s fault, that daddy actually sent Qing into confinement.” Mo Zixu immediately admitted his mistake, luring Mo Yunqing to continue, “What about after being confined? How did the door to the confinement room open?”

Mo Zixu felt that the Mo Yunqing at this moment was somewhat strange.

Compared to her usual self, now, she seemed rigid, inflexible, with slow reaction, her mind worked slowly, as if she was a marionette.

However, without a doubt, only Mo Yunqing knew who was her real murderer.

“Confinement room’s door…” Mo Yunqing moved her overworked brain cells with great difficulty, recalling memories over and over again.

Suddenly, her eyes lit up, a pair of slender hands rigidly gripping Mo Zixu until her joints turned white, it could clearly be seen how excited she was!

“Dad… Su… Su… Su…” Mo Yunqing couldn’t speak clearly out of excitement, she could only continue to say this word, no matter what, she couldn’t say the following word!

“Book (1)… Book what?” Mo Zixu wasn’t able to make sense of it all and he hurriedly pressed Mo Yunqing, “Don’t rush, you can say it slowly!”

“Su… Su… Su… Luo!” The excited Mo Yunqing finally was able to say that word.

“Su Luo! It was Su Luo who killed you!” In an instant, it seemed as if Mo Zixu’s face was wrapped in frost, his rage grew without restraint with fists clenched tightly!

“Moreover… Su… Su… Luo… Is…” All of a sudden, Mo Yunqing’s body violently shuddered, almost fainting away again.

“What is Su Luo? Say it quickly!” Mo Ziu loudly urged.

“Is… Is…Empty (2)…” The more excited Mo Yunqing became, the more she wasn’t able to speak, only her body was shaking continuously.

At this moment, the sweat on First Elder’s forehead rolled down one after another, he had already reached the maximum that he could support.

“Uncle, hold on a little longer, just a little longer!” Mo Zixu could feet the truth Mo Yunqing was about to say was something that would be very shocking. He was reluctant to give up now.

Although First Elder’s heart felt gloomy, but he had no choice but to nod his agreement. Hence, First Elder bit his tongue, and used the temporary pain to stimulate his latent strength, continuing to maintain the flow of spirit force.

“Wink (3)…wink…wink…” The Mo Yunqing right now seemed to have been swept by the autumn wind, shivering with cold. Her eyes turned upwards, only the whites were visible. She kept repeating this word, repeating continuously.

Mo Zixu’s brain got big from listening to this.

“Wink what, you say ah!” Mo Zixu repeatedly urged.

“Wink…wink…wink… cough, cough, cough…” Mo Yunqing’s nostrils, mouth, ears and eyes started seeping out blood non-stop, it was a horrible sight to see. Blood in her throat flowed backwards, causing her to cough violently.

Just at this time, Elder Ancestor Mo suddenly turned around, that pair of remotely cold eyes were like sharp swords, charging towards Mo Yunqing.

Following his approaching large strides, an aura of a strong expert’s pressure enveloped Mo Yunqing.

“Say!” Elder Ancestor Mo suddenly stretched out his hand, like an eagle grabbing a chick, he directly lifted up Mo Yunqing by her collar and picked her up high into the air.


1) Book: The Su in Su Luo’s name sound like the Chinese character for book.

2) Empty: Space in Chinese is composed of two characters the first character by itself means empty. So she was only able to say the first character out of two for space.

3) Wink: The first of two Chinese character for teleport that means wink.

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