DKC – Chapter 1269

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Chapter 1269 – Strike first to gain the upper hand (6)

First Elder lifted his eyes. Upon seeing Elder Ancestor Mo stand there in a trance, he thought for a bit and then agreed to help.

First Elder’s expression tensed, he spread the palm of his right hand up and a ray of light appeared, this ray of light slowly forming into a ball of light.

Mo Zixu stared at that ball of light nervously, afraid of any possible mishap that might occur.

When the ball had grown large enough, this ball of light, containing an endless amount of spirit strength, rapidly attacked towards Mo Yunqing’s chest wound.

Around the wound, the ball of light burst open and turned into fragmented rays of light. These rays of light entered through her wound and quickly spread through her four limbs and hundreds of bones…

During this period of time, First Elder’s expression was taunt, his eyes unblinkingly staring at Mo Yunqing. This was the most crucial moment, if it was disturbed by someone, even he, himself, would suffer from the recoil.

At such a tense moment, Mo Zixu held his breath with rapt attention, not daring to breathe at all. In his sharp falcon-like eyes, cold light was prominent to the greatest extent, flickering with a sinister star-like brightness.

Whoever dared to kill his daughter would inevitably suffer the pain a hundredfold!

At this time, Su Luo was completely unaware that her secret was on the verge of being exposed. She kept on running very quickly.

Time passed, little by little, after all the rays of light had entered Mo Yunqing’s body, her ice-cold and stiff body gradually started to warm up.

Suddenly, Mo Yunqing’s fingers moved.

“There’s a response!” Mo Zixu, who had observed everything intensely, got more and more excited, and almost screeched out loud.

First Elder sent him a gloomy glare before Mo Zixu returned to his senses, consequently, he hurriedly ceased to make a sound.

After the fingers moved, a short time later, Mo Yinqing’s thick, curly eyelashes started to move. After noticing this, Mo Zixu’s eyes brimmed with tears from excitement. But this time, he only watched closely, and did not make a sound to disturb the situation.

Because he saw a fine layer of sweat had formed on First Elder’s forehead. It could clearly be seen First Elder using Return the Soul technique, actually cost how great an amount of his energy and concentration.

After a while, Mo Xizu finally excitedly saw Mo Yunqing slowly opening her eyes with difficulty.

“Dad…” Mo Yunqing’s voice lacked strength and was a little bit husky.

“Dad’s good Qing’er!” Mo Zixu gripped Mo Yunqing’s hand excitedly, eyes full of hot tears, “You finally woke up, finally woke up!”

“Dad, am I not… dead?” Mo Yunqing’s head felt fuzzy, she couldn’t remember a lot of things.

“Pooh! Don’t mention that word!” No matter what, Mo Zixu would not accept the matter of his daughter’s death.

This time First Elder was gloomily complaining in his heart. Could it be that Mo Zixu thought this Return the Soul technique was easy to use? To say such nonsense!

First Elder could not speak out loud, so he could only glare fiercely at Mo Zixu. But now, Mo Zixu, who was immersed in excitement, was completely oblivious to First Elder’s hint, and kept on holding his treasure daughter to say this and that. Until First Elder couldn’t stand to watch it anymore and heavily coughed a few times.

Only now did Mo Zixu return to his senses, he pulled on Mo Yunqing and loudly asked: “Qing’er, quickly tell dad what had happened just now? Who stabbed your heart with a sword?!”

Now, Mo Zixu’s face was twisted and sinister, emitting a seething murderous aura, making anybody who saw extremely terrified.

Mo Yunqing also shivered a little too.

Who was it that used a sharp sword to stab her heart? Mo Yunqing sank into deep thought.

“Qing’er? Qing’er?” Mo Zixu saw Mo Yunqing failed to return to to her senses, and rocked her body slightly.

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