DKC – Chapter 1249

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Chapter 1249 – Recoil of Madness (3)

This crystal stone, when Su Luo was cultivating, had all of its spirit powers inside absorbed by Su Luo. Now, all that remained was an empty shell.

Clenching this empty shell, the smile at the corner of Su Luo’s mouth widened even more.

Su Luo remembered, at the time when she was leaving, Master had given her a bottle of black medicinal liquid. He had warned her that if it wasn’t critical, she mustn’t use it rashly. This black medicinal liquid was a poison that eroded away a person’s mind, especially those cultivating at a critical juncture. Once a person’s strength of mind was eroded by this black medicinal liquid, it was extremely easy for that person to suffer Recoil of Madness.

In the Nine Different Palace Halls, because Su Luo was always protected by Nangong Liuyun, so she had no opportunity to use this bottle of black medicinal liquid. But now…..

Su Luo’s eyes flashed and the corner of her mouth hooked up. Elder Ancestor Mo, this bottle of black medicinal liquid will be given to you to enjoy. You must, by all means, not be too polite.

Su Luo poured the black medicinal liquid into the empty crystal stone shell, after filling it up, she sealed the entrance. Then, she handed it over to the golden vine: “Deliver this crystal stone over to where that purple-colored crystal stone was.”

Although the golden vine didn’t know what Su Luo was thinking, however, it firmly carried out Master’s orders. It wrapped up this crystal stone and very carefully moved towards the front of this elderly man. The closer it got to Old Man Mo, the more cautious its movement would be.

Finally, the Variant Acacia Tree’s golden vine carefully placed that crystal stone full of black medicinal liquid in place, then, it wrapped up another purple-colored crystal stone and quietly retreated.

This back and forth, the golden vine’s courage also increased, its movements also becoming more skillful.

Very quickly, the six purple-colored crystal stones in front of Old Man Mo were all changed into crystals containing the black medicinal liquid.

Su Luo could be regarded as having considered well, she made those crystal stones’ exterior look exactly like a purple-colored crystal stone. At first glance, it really looked like a purple-colored crystal stone. Let alone to say that the black medicinal liquid, although it had the the word ‘black’ in its name, it was actually a transparent, colorless liquid. Its color had nothing to do with the color black. This black mainly pointed to the fact that after entering a person’s brain, it would form black spots.

There was still one that remained…

Just when the golden vine was about to follow the set pattern and retrieve the last purple-colored crystal stone, suddenly, the spirit power around Old Man Mo lightened a lot.

Not good! Su Luo secretly cried in her heart, she had no time to think. She immediately instructed the golden vine to retreat. Forget about that last purple-colored crystal stone, it’s more important to preserve one’s life.

When the golden vine withdrew into Su Luo’s sleeves like a bolt of lightning, that Elder Ancestor Mo sitting there grabbed the last purple-colored crystal stone and started to cultivate to absorb it.

His eyes didn’t open and were still tightly closed.

Following the gradual reduction in the spirit force in the purple-colored crystal stone, the spirit force in Old Man Mo’s body gradually increased.

Su Luo shrank behind a stone pillar and adjusted her own heartbeat and breathing to the lowest speed. Now, she was like a hibernating cobra, motionless and concealed, as if she was dead. Only like this was she fortunate enough to escape Old Man Mo’s senses. Otherwise, even a hundred Su Luos weren’t enough for him to kill.

Old Man Mo, at this moment, had arrived at a critical juncture during cultivation, one purple-colored crystal stone was far from fulfilling his need. One could see his eyes closed as he grabbed the second purple crystal stone in passing.

At this moment, Su Luo’s heart jumped to her throat.

She wanted to leave, but Old Man Mo’s perception was clearest at this time. The spirit force he released filled the air all around. As long as Su Luo moved even a little, he would be able to sense her. As a result, Su Luo motionlessly pressed tightly to the wall, pretending as if she didn’t exist.

Old Man Mo held that crystal stone with his right hand, and didn’t even think before absorbing the spirit force in that crystal.

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